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Here you’ll find reviews and features on theatre, concerts, albums, and anything else that’s even tenuously related. When I first started this blog I had intended on it being somewhere for me to have extended rants on the irritating things people did across London, but once I wrote my first piece (of who knows how many) about Sunny Afternoon it became apparent that there would be many more theatre posts to come…

Each year I keep track of the shows I see, as well as introduce a new page for a particular focus for the year – so far this includes Shakespeare and puppets, and Emma Rice. 2019 is the year of Arthur Miller!

You can find all of my blog posts on here, as well as additional content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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UK Blog Awards 2019

Mind the Blog was nominated in two categories at the UK Blog Awards 2019: Arts & Culture and Social Influencer! Sadly, on this occasion, we didn’t make it through to the next stage. Thank you to everyone who voted for getting us this far!

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Challenge Week 2020: Mind The Musicals
72845699_10156620805768803_7670714558754848768_nHere’s a good reason why I didn’t want to say I was going to try and take it easy in my ‘Coming up‘ post – because I’ll be straight into my first challenge week of 2020 as soon as I return to the theatre! #MindTheMusicals is indeed back, kicking off the new year in melodic fashion. From Saturday 4th – Friday 10th January I have a fresh batch of musicals for your consideration, and some posts to keep you occupied with each day… No two-show days this time around, partly because I’ve got not leave left for 2019-20 (it refreshes in February!) but also because I’m actually trying to give myself time to write everything this time. That’s no guarantee it’ll get done, but at least I’m giving myself a fighting chance! Read more…