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Here you’ll find reviews and features on theatre, concerts, albums, and anything else that’s even tenuously related. When I first started this blog I had intended on it being somewhere for me to have extended rants on the irritating things people did across London, but once I wrote my first piece (of who knows how many) about Sunny Afternoon it became apparent that there would be many more theatre posts to come…

Each year I keep track of the shows I see, as well as introduce a new page for a particular focus for the year – so far this includes Shakespeare and puppets. For 2018 I’m covering as much Emma Rice as I possibly can!

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Missed The Boat: Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812

Photo credit: Chad Batka

One of my big regrets of last year’s trip to New York was not managing to see this show – I nearly booked a ticket in advance, but naïvely thought I’d be fine to get up and buy a rush ticket when I was over there… Of course then location, time and financial issues got in the way, and I came back without having seen it (then it closed a few months later). Since then I’ve read a bit more about the show’s history, and find myself wishing I’d been one of the lucky few to have seen it in its original off-off-Broadway home of Ars Nova, or even the off-Broadway pop-up venue Klub Kazino; the intimacy and innovation sound right up my street. I can’t help but hope that someone takes a chance on it over here at some point. Read more…