They’re not like everybody else

I’ve recently celebrated my 30th visit to the Harold Pinter Theatre for Sunny Afternoon! So that got me to thinking… What new things have I been noticing on my multiple visits?

If you’ve not seen the show before, you should go and see it and watch ‘naturally’ – whatever your eyes are drawn to. But, save this post for later, so when the inevitable happens and you go to see it again, I’ve come up with a list of 30 things that you may not have noticed first time around!


1. Grenville and Dave near the start of ‘You Still Want Me’

An unsuccessful attempt to get the guitarist to act like a Shadow…

2. Slow-motion action behind the drums after ‘I Gotta Move’

Hard to see depending on where you’re sat, but it’s an inventive way of keeping the cymbals in play whilst fitting in with the choreography.

3. Mrs Davies sat on the step during ‘Just Can’t Go To Sleep’

Enjoying her knitting and her son’s new song!

4. “Finesse!”

If you’re close enough to the front, you’ll hear John Dagleish’s Ray describe his amendment to Dave’s amp with this word.

5. Pete in the background of ‘A Well Respected Man’

To be fair, Robert does tell him to join in…

6. Larry’s armchair mishaps in ‘Dead End Street’

In particular when he and Eddie are first pushed onto the chair – and right at the end of the song!

7. Mick’s facial expressions throughout ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’

Let’s put it this way: he’s unconvinced by Dave’s choices.

8. All four Kinks behind the mannequins in ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’

Ray and Mick have a little double act going – and Pete looks like he’s developing an unhealthy relationship with his mannequin…

9. Pete and Mick disposing of the tailor in ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’

High five!

10. Mick and Dave trying to put Pete off during the interview


11. Mick at the end of ‘You Really Got Me’ on Top of the Pops

He’s rather chuffed.

12. The band and managers checking in at the hotel in Sheffield

It has different bits added each time – I’ve definitely heard Grenville talking about digestive biscuits once, and Hula Hoops another time… Also: “K-I-N-K-S”.

13. Mick finds some golf gear during ‘Till the End of the Day’

He rather likes the gloves – but has a club confiscated!

14. Pete’s attempt at rebellion in ‘Till the End of the Day’

He’s not allowed on the desk…

15. Robert & Grenville playing cricket in ‘Till the End of the Day’

With screwed up paper – I’m still waiting for them to hit one to me in the stalls!

16. Mick bidding Ray farewell on his way to Bradford

A very friendly suit of armour…

17. Ray on the typewriter

As a pianist, I was watching this the first time (musical nerd!), but your eyes may naturally have been drawn to Eddie telling his story.

18. Dave in the background of Mick’s phone call

Returning an insult with an insult, naturally!

19. Pete’s reaction to Ray arriving late to the Cardiff gig

Pete gets rather sarky…

20. Pete trying to hold the band together during the Cardiff gig

And getting very flustered about the situation.

21. The Kinks and Larry on the flight to America (‘This Time Tomorrow’)

They’re mainly on the catwalk, so depending on where you’re sat it’s difficult to see everything they get up to in one go – but look for Dave enjoying some gin, and Larry and Mick squabbling over an air hostess!

22. The band in make-up to prepare for an American TV appearance

In particular, Mick getting cheeky and Ray pulling faces while getting powdered up…

23. Union representatives bickering

Brad being put off after he jumps the queue.

24. Mick and Ray in the back of the car

They’re unimpressed at the driver’s claims he knows Elvis Presley’s phone number…

25. Dave during ‘The Moneygoround’

Ray is centre stage, but Dave is sure to show his discontent!

26. Mick and Pete in the mixing room of the studio

Basically, they disagree with Ray and agree with the producer.

27. Allen Klein meeting The Kinks and their managers

I don’t think he likes Robert and Grenville’s accents!

28. Marsha supporting Klein

When he talks about “the American way, Ray…” – try and look at Klein and Marsha together. Philip Bird and Elizabeth Hill at their comic best!

29. An excited England supporter in ‘Sunny Afternoon’

Watch for Ashley Campbell running behind Ray, Pete, Dave & Rasa with a Union flag.

30. Ray and Dave in the curtain call performance of ‘You Really Got Me’

This is something else that’s on the catwalk and best viewed from the front of the higher levels or the back block of stalls seats – watch out for John Dagleish’s Ray trying his best to put George Maguire’s Dave off his guitar-playing!


There must be loads of others! Feel free to suggest them in the comments or tweet me with them.

Just a bit of admin…

11 thoughts on “They’re not like everybody else

  1. Good one! When checking in the hotel, Mick was once telling Robert and Grenville off because they couldn’t remember the name of the hotel and it was the fifth they were trying and Mick wasn’t going to another one. 😀

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    1. On Friday Mick was moaning that The Kinks were supporting another band but he thought it should be the other way round! I love trying to hear what’s going on in that little bit. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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