So I thought about doing Lent again this year. Had a year (or maybe two, I lose track) off, so seemed like a good time to start again. I’m not religious in any sense – I leave all that to other people, thank you very much – but to me Lent isn’t about religion. It was just inspired by something that a religious figure supposedly went through. To me it’s about testing willpower and fighting a personal battle…

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Lent 2015.

I thought about it and realised that the only thing that I have left to give up is my beloved Sunny Afternoon. This is practically impossible. Real example: I was supposed to see the show last Wednesday (11th) and then not see it again until today (Tuesday 17th); I ended up going to Saturday’s matinée and Monday night’s performance. So almost 7 weeks without it is never going to happen…


Besides, I’m already booked to see it again tomorrow night and on Easter Saturday!

Better luck next year, eh?


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