Happy 60th!

Today is my dad’s 60th birthday! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…


Just under a week ago I made my bid to be ‘Daughter of the Year’ by taking my dad (& mum – but she paid for herself!) to see Sunny Afternoon for the second time. When we all went for the first time we sat up in the balcony, so I felt my parents needed to experience things properly. So we got table BB… Right at the front…


I don’t do things by halves! Well, I say that… I could’ve bought a bottle for us to share at the table and made things really fancy – but we’re not that kind of family, to be honest. We much preferred a pre-show drink at the ‘local’!


Now, as they’d seen the show before I knew they obviously liked it – plus my dad bought the soundtrack, so he loved the versions of all the songs – but I still felt the sort of pressure you get when you bring someone to see something you utterly love. Particularly given that Sunny Afternoon seems to be just about the only thing I end up talking to them about during our weekly phone calls…

Anyway. The familiar chords kicked in on the piano, so it was time to begin. I’d placed myself in the seat nearest the catwalk, with my mum in the middle – I think I managed to save her from too much ‘bubbly’ spraying (not sure she would’ve appreciated it too much!) by doing that. I’m such a martyr..!

I was so thrilled to hear them both laughing away at some of my favourite little background things. I doubt either had seen my previously published list, so it was all down to them noticing – my mum particularly seemed to enjoy Adam’s ad libbed checking in dialogue (almost as much as me!). And they were both very keen on my suggested audience participation during the performance of ‘Sunny Afternoon’! (Even though my mum did turn to me with a couple of bars to go and ask how much longer the song was…) The rest of the Afternooners should be proud of my efforts on that score.


I think the smiles on their faces at the end – and the speed at which they stood up in the curtain call to “have a little bit of a bop” – said it all. They loved it! My dad seemed especially chuffed that George leaned over and said “happy birthday” to him when they all came on for their final bows at the end. And they seem genuinely keen to come back again, without me having to force them. I think that’s what they call a ‘result’?

So afterwards, of course, they had to come back to the stage door to be introduced.

WP_20150217_022 WP_20150217_021 WP_20150217_020

It was quite busy that night, but they’ve now met George Maguire (Dave), John Dagleish (Ray) and Adam Sopp (Mick)! Dad thanked John for ‘looking after me’ since I moved to London – and took Adam down memory lane, prefaced with the phrase “I’ve been talking to my sister about you”… (Basically, one of my cousins was in the same year as him, and the other in the same year as his older sister. It’s a small world!) He also had a chance to thank George for his help in sorting this out for him:

Dad’s favourite scene: the fight in Cardiff

Mum’s favourite scene: Dave destroying his amp

Dad’s favourite song: Sunny Afternoon

Mum’s favourite song: This Time Tomorrow

Dad’s favourite quote: “Lennon’s not crazy enough to be in this band, McCartney’s too shrewd. Mick Jagger, he’s a workaholic, he’d go bonkers – oh, and Keith Richards is just too normal and well-adjusted, quite frankly!”

Mum’s favourite quote: “Ten, plus ten, plus ten… Plus ten…” – “Equals?”

P.S. My dad took this photo afterwards too – which will forever be one of my favourite stage door photos!



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