They’re not like everybody else: part 2

Not long ago, following my 30th trip to Sunny Afternoon, I wrote a blog on the 30 things you may have missed during the show – I got some nice feedback from it and so, as I’m about to go for the 50th time (I know, I know!), I thought I’d continue with the list.

So, if you haven’t read the first post – go back and start there. If you have read the first post, you’re in luck. Because here’s 31-50…


31. The Ravens’ drummer needs no introduction…

…in Bobby’s mind, anyway!

32. Wace’s jokes fall flat

Dave is unimpressed.

33. Wace & Collins during ‘I Gotta Move’

Once they start enjoying themselves there are a few interesting moves towards the back of the stage.

34. Give us a tip!

Mick(?) is looking for the same treatment as the rest of the performers in ‘Denmark Street’.

35. The contract is exciting

Mick (& Pete, once) points out his name on the contract.

36. “Complicated is good”

Mick doesn’t think they are complicated – and he & Ray don’t think that “complicated sells”…

37. ‘A Well Respected Man’ beat

The contract is enough for Mick to tap out the beat with, initially.

38. Dave and Mick don’t want the same things

The tailor offers Mick a hat once Dave has his – he’s not keen!

39. Pete and Mick at the mannequins during ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’

At the line: “And when he pulls his frilly nylon panties right up tight…”

40. Lillie Flynn in the background

She really enjoys playing the tambourine during ‘You Really Got Me’… And as Rasa, you can see her enjoying ‘Set Me Free’ down in the stalls, listens in to the early stages of ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and continues to work on her backing vocals with Dave through the course of the song.

41. Mick on the pull

He tries chatting up one of the girls during ‘Set Me Free’ (“I’m Mick; I’m a drummer!”) but she’s more impressed with Dave – he also tries it on with a bridesmaid in ‘Stop Your Sobbing’.

42. Ray chatting with Rasa

If you’re sat around rows D to H in the stalls (towards the ‘high’ end) you can hear Rasa ask Ray what Dave is doing after ‘Till the End of the Day’ as they leave for Bradford: “He’s going to do a magic trick; he’s gonna pull a rabbit out of there…”

43. “The Beatles are professionals”

Ray knows what Brian is going to say…

44. Mr Davies’ reaction to Mrs Davies’ actions at the wedding

He doesn’t seem too pleased with her donation!

45. Pete’s concern for Dave in Cardiff

He’s about the only one who still calls him ‘David’.

46. Larry arrives on set

Ray and Pete both react accordingly to his choice of headgear…

47. Mick raises a toast

“We need each other – we just don’t like each other…”

48. Discussions about The Kinks’ management problems

For once Dave is the pacifier!

49. The “bum note”

Mick isn’t particularly impressed with Pete when he hears it.

50. Reactions to Klein

Mick looks sarcastically at Wace & Collins at the mention of copyright lawyers – and most of the band (& their managers) are put out when Klein queries the choice of “English songs”…


I keep spotting new things (somehow!), so there may well be another sequel in the future…


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