If my friends could see me now…

Oh, what a night! Wait – wrong show… But the sentiment still stands. I’m actually still quite overcome by everything that happened, but I guess you all want to know about it?


I was going on my own, so decided to work late and head straight over to the theatre. If I’d known what was awaiting me I might’ve tried to get away a bit quicker! As soon as I got there, I was whisked off to the Ambassador Lounge as an “extra special guest” and treated to wine and nibbles.


It was lovely to chat with the small group also in the Lounge; as seems to be the norm, they were surprised that I was there given my age, but not as surprised as when I told them this was my 50th time… One of them every few minutes just kept saying, “50? Really?”

Before too long, it was time to head down to take our seats – my favourite (B13) wasn’t available so I’d taken the ‘compromise’ seat of B9!

As a bit of fun, I’d been persuaded to find a ’50’ badge to wear – the one I ended up getting even had flashing lights! I’d intended on switching the lights on when John, Adam, Ned & George came onstage to warm up (just to give them a bit of a giggle) but obviously I ended up choosing wine over that! To be honest, I think just wearing it for the first half was enough to make people smile.


The first half was probably one of the most entertaining of all my 50. Most of the audience seemed really into it – although I really wish more people would laugh at certain lines… (“What will they say in the golf club?!” springs to mind.) Not that it ever stops me from chuckling like a loon. You’d think that, after even half a dozen shows (let alone 50) the jokes wouldn’t have the same effect – but honestly, every time I laugh like it’s the first time I’ve heard them. Granted, I do anticipate lots of it, but it only makes me laugh a bit earlier because it’s so funny! Pete’s speech to the press always has me in creases.

Got a proper soaking in the bubbly spraying moment – standard! And the Cardiff scene to close the half… It just gets better every time!

I’d ordered an interval drink, so headed back over to the Lounge at half time – was enjoying a nice chat with the rest of the group (and loving how much they were loving the show), when I got called away… To the stage! As if I hadn’t felt special enough, it had been arranged for me to go on the stage and have my photo with the cast during the break. No biggie! That sort of thing has never happened to me before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked a tad overwhelmed – despite having spent a fair amount of time with this lovely group of people over the past 4 months.

Hugs all round, and just time to get back to my seat for the second half!

Debbie 2

The people on the table in front had moved during the interval, so I had an even clearer view for act 2. And you all know there’s one bit in particular that I look forward to! Yes: the drum solo. You know what? Even with the dropping of a stick it was still one of the best Adam’s done! He’s always able to carry on regardless. The whole thing was so different to any I’ve heard previously; you try and keep that grin off my face!

And, not long after that, the inevitable happened: I got very emotional. The beautiful, deeply meaningful songs coupled with my fantastic evening left me on a near-permanent state of weeping from ‘Sitting In My Hotel’ until the end of ‘Waterloo Sunset’. I did at least have a brief interlude during ‘Sunny Afternoon’ – particularly as Ashley dedicated his flag run to me (he knows how much I love that bit)!

There were a couple of ‘disturbances’ during the show… One a massive domestic (apparently!), the other a very VERY emotional lady… Neither ended up affecting me that much – thanks to both sitting near the front (you genuinely can’t hear a lot going on behind you) and being in floods of tears myself!

It didn’t take much to get the crowd on their feet at the end either – as much as I’m not bothered about being the only one standing (I’d like to see you keep me seated!), it is a nicer feeling for everyone to stand together and have a bit of fun.

And there was even time for a celebratory drink at the pub afterwards…

Well, I was promised a belter – and I think I got just that!


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