That’s why I feel good…

A few years ago, I didn’t really like musicals. No – I actually hated musicals. So that makes it all the more surprising that something which has become so important in my life is a musical!

And it’s not just me who has been thus inspired: 31% of the votes in West End Frame’s 2015 award for ‘Most Inspiring Show’ went to a certain Sunny Afternoon

But what makes it so inspiring to me?


The script – and quotes

Even though it has made daily life slightly difficult at times (I’ve started laughing at seemingly the most mundane things), I don’t think I could live without the quotes I’ve picked up from Joe Penhall’s fantastic script. Some are funny:

“You look like Ava Gardner on a massive bender!”

Others deeply meaningful:

“It’s not about the words, it’s about the atmosphere. It’s all about the atmosphere. I wanna see it; I wanna feel it. The way things are, really. A feeling of home, London, us. Lost and found – alone, but together. It’s all about us.”


Drum solo

As detailed in a post all of its own, I’ve been inspired to both reignite old interests and find new ones – all thanks to Adam Sopp’s fantastic drum solo. And it just makes me so happy!

Denmark Street

Ray Davies

One of the cleverest songwriters in the history of music. Seeing the show has introduced me to many lesser known Kinks songs, many of which have become very important to me very quickly. Had I known ‘Too Much On My Mind’ this time last year, I genuinely feel I might have coped better with everything going on around me. And moving to London has made the lyrics of ‘Waterloo Sunset’ so much more than ‘just’ words.


Lovely people

I feel so lucky to have met so many lovely people thanks to this show – both members of the cast and our ever-growing community of Afternooners. It feels like a proper little family is developing!


(When my dad came to see the show recently he even thanked some of the cast for “looking after” me now I’m living in London!)

Debbie 2

Welcome to London

Sunny Afternoon is a proper London musical. As a new Londoner, I’m so glad to have found this show – it definitely makes me feel like ‘This Is Where I Belong’. In everything from the songs to the script, and the people I’ve met along the way!


Five points – which neatly ties in with the fact that Sunny Afternoon has garnered five Olivier nominations! (It’s almost like I plan these things…)

Congratulations once more to Matt McKenzie (Best Sound Design), Ray Davies (Outstanding Achievement in Music), George Maguire (Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical), John Dagleish (Best Actor in a Musical) and Sunny Afternoon itself (Best New Musical). And good luck on 12th April!

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