Sunny Afternoon Challenge

I am thrilled to announce that the Theatre Tourist and I have teamed up with the official Sunny Afternoon social media outlets to bring you an extra special week of Kinks fun!

WP_20150328_007As part of our build-up to Oliviers night on Sunday 12 April, we will be attending each evening show (from 6-11 April), and bringing you a host of exclusive content. Each day we will be set a mini challenge; you can follow these adventures via the Sunny Afternoon Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as our own Twitter accounts: @Deborah_Deborah & @theatretourist

I’ll also be sharing Kinks & Sunny Afternoon related photos via my Instagram page during the course of the week.

There may be opportunities for you to get involved throughout the week, so don’t forget to use the hashtag #SunnyChallenge. You’ll also be able to reach us via the unofficial Sunny Afternoon Twitter fan page.

WP_20150313_030We both work full-time so, with the exception of Easter Monday & the final Saturday, it will be a real test of endurance for us – I may have done a similar thing before, but that doesn’t mean I’m any better prepared! So if you do see us flagging towards the end of the week, do come & chat to us – or alternatively just ply us with caffeinated drinks…

We’re both at the Harold Pinter tonight, to celebrate the launch of #SunnyChallenge and my 60th time at the show!

So, until next week…


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