They’re not like everybody else: part 3

Tonight I celebrated my 60th time at Sunny Afternoon with cocktails, a front table seat and a trip to the pub. And now, to top it off, a few more things you might’ve missed… (Parts 1 & 2 also available.)

WP_20150330_00851. Heading off to Denmark Street

Wace isn’t a fan of Pete’s attire – and doesn’t tell the band where they’re off to!

52. Give us a tip!: the prequel

I mentioned in part 2 that Mick’s(?) attempts at getting tips are constantly rebuffed – but the other performers have a lot more luck! I particularly enjoy Pete combining the choreography with putting money in the tap dancer’s hat.

53. “Complicated sells”

Pete is far more convinced by Wace & Collins’ arguments than the rest of the band…

54. “You’ve never had it so good!”

The Davies sisters know their dad’s rant off by heart!

55. That band from Shepherd’s Bush called ‘The Who’

Ray backs up Larry’s statement that The Who are about to become a very big deal.

56. Ray & Rasa

Ray catches his future wife’s eye during the Sheffield gig.

57. “I’m not hungry!”

A bit of an anti-climax for the band who are paused, ready to restart ‘Maximum Consumption’!

58. Marzipan

A varied set of reactions from the band to Klein’s statement – Ray’s is my favourite!

59. “They think it’s all over… IT IS NOW!”

Everyone’s excited about England’s World Cup win. Ray seems to say, “What did I tell you?!”

60. A new representative

Mick is ever so slightly shocked about the 6 album advance! Dave is also a bit taken aback.

InstagramCapture_53480531-cd38-4841-af76-ee673fe78eb3_jpgSurprisingly, I still have a few more on my list – and I’m certain I’ve yet to spot absolutely everything! Keep an eye out for further instalments…


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