Sunny Unicorn

Sunny Afternoon may have garnered five Olivier Award nominations recently, but that’s not stopping them from making a few changes here and there… Ever innovative, it’s been decided that the show would be more appealing to a younger audience if the cast performed in unicorn costumes!

They almost gave the game away on Monday:

It’s obvious now, isn’t it?! And it definitely explains all the extra rehearsals… They’re probably having to re-write some of the songs to make them more unicorn-appropriate: ‘Where Hoof All The Good Times Gone’, ‘Till The End Of The Neigh’, ‘Too Much On My Mane’, amongst others.

George Maguire (Dave Davies) was the first to try out his new costume:

WP_20150304_006I’ve heard that Ray & Pete (John Dagleish & Ned Derrington) may be wearing a pantomime horse type costume (but obviously a unicorn version) – however that would make it rather difficult for them to play guitar & bass guitar, respectively. So that claim is probably a little far-fetched!

The new outfit for Rasa (Lillie Flynn) is rumoured to be something like this:

Photo credit: Ksenia Nemchinova
Photo credit: Ksenia Nemchinova

Well, I for one am excited about this! I mean, once you’ve seen a show 61 times you do start to hope for some changes to be put in here & there. I can’t wait for Adam’s new drum solo… I wonder whether he’ll just use hooves instead of drum sticks?

Sunny Afternoon is running at the Harold Pinter Theatre – the unicorn alterations will be put in place from Wednesday 1 April 2015.


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