Day 4: Just Can’t Go To Sleep

Sunny Afternoon.  Photograph by Kevin Cummins.
Sunny Afternoon.
Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

Oh dear. I really need to start getting more sleep! When you’re going to bed at 3am and then getting up again at 6.30am to work 9-5 – topped off with an almost 3-hour long show… You know there’s something wrong with you! How have I managed days 1, 2, and 3?

So, what was our challenge this time? A bit more-recreation! This time an iconic photo from the inside of the Muswell Hillbillies album:


In theory, quite a straightforward task. However. We again didn’t have the numbers! And sadly there were no passing Sunny Afternoon actors this time. Also, the road sign has been removed, and there was a set of temporary traffic lights in the road! But we managed to rope in Helen to be in the picture with us, and Ceri to take the photo – doing our best to be mean & moody:


It’s getting closer to Oliviers time! I had a spare few minutes today to head over to the pop-up shop in Covent Garden, where I picked up this little beauty:


I completely agree with Adam’s comment that it really captures the spirit of the show; it even has some of the speakers that make up the wonderful set on it! It was designed by Andy Robinson of Dramatic Inking – excitingly, I was tweeted to say that there will be more Sunny Afternoon designs on the way! If they’re half as good as this one, we’re in for a treat…


It was a bit of a day of déjà vu. Firstly with my trip down Sunny Afternoon memory lane, via the #tbt hashtag. I’ve managed to cram in a few memories over the past 5 months! I also found myself feeling nostalgic for the very first time I saw the show; it was an unseasonably warm & sunny Hallowe’en, much the same conditions as we’ve enjoyed recently – and I was almost unfeasibly excited about going to the show! It’s not like I’ve been on the three previous nights or anything…


We again had a few issues with some audience members while we were sat in C6 & C7 – this time, for about the last twenty minutes – a couple in front of us seemed to be debating whether or not to leave… They ended up staying, but nearly ruined some of the most beautiful moments of the show. And didn’t then stand up for the finale! Unbelievable. I did also feel like I was laughing on my own during some of the best jokes, though I think the audience did get going a bit more towards the end.


Thankfully the disruptions didn’t spoil my enjoyment – especially as certain cast members seemed to be really on top form! Though I do think our uncontrollable giggling at one point did distract a member of the cast… Strangely proud of that if we did!


Quote of the night: “We don’t wanna be smooth!” – “We don’t wanna be stars!” – “We HATE stars!” – “Stars are a pain in the arse!”

Song of the night: Where Have All The Good Times Gone/All Day And All Of The Night – a bit of a cop-out (basically it’s Cardiff again), but I could hardly breathe for laughing. Plus Adam was a particularly loud & angry Mick, which I love!

Scene of the night: the Davies brothers test out ‘You Really Got Me’ – when Dave finds his sound it goes right through you & always puts a big smile on my face. It did a good job of making sure I was awake too!

#drumsolo view rating: 4.5/5 – ooh, so close… Just needed to be a bit closer and a bit further to my right for perfection.

A ‘Stage Door Daily’ double act this time: Tam Williams & Dom Tighe!

Tam Williams (Grenville Collins) & Dom Tighe (Robert Wace)
Tam Williams (Grenville Collins) & Dom Tighe (Robert Wace)

Tam’s favourite scene: ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy’, as he’s involved but only on the periphery, so he can watch the scene and audience reaction – plus it’s a fantastic lead-in to ‘Days’ (a really emotional section). He also loves ‘I Gotta Move’ at the beginning, as it’s a fun number & is key to setting up the show.

Dom’s favourite scene: He loves taking the lead on ‘Days’, but also loves the contract scene as it’s really good fun.

Dom & Tam do play several parts, but they are mainly on show as Robert ‘Bobby’ Wace & Grenville Collins, The Kinks’ hapless managers. They really are the perfect double act! You definitely get the feeling that they could finish each others’ sentences. I do really love watching them at the start of the show, as it looks like they are genuinely having the best time! Their vocal contributions are many & varied (most notably as part of the a capella ‘Days’) – and I’ll never get tired of seeing trombones onstage in a rock-based musical. That was an unexpected pleasure the first time, and remains highly enjoyable!

Adam Sopp, Dominic Tighe, George Maguire, Tam Williams and John Dagleish in Sunny Afternoon.  Photograph by Kevin Cummins.
Adam Sopp, Dominic Tighe, George Maguire, Tam Williams and John Dagleish in Sunny Afternoon.
Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

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