Day 6: Maximum Consumption

Adam Sopp, Ned Derrington, John Dagleish, Lillie Flynn and George Maguire in Sunny Afternoon.  Photograph by Kevin Cummins.
Adam Sopp, Ned Derrington, John Dagleish, Lillie Flynn and George Maguire in Sunny Afternoon.
Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

So, this is it: the last official day of #SunnyChallenge. It’s been a fun, emotional & educational week, doing a bit of #KinksAroundLondon, finding Sunny Afternoon posters, re-creating the poster artwork & an iconic Kinks photo, and seeing things from the FOH staff’s perspective. The most arduous challenge was saved for last – a meal at the Clissold Arms!


Sadly we couldn’t sit & eat in the Kinks Room (that would’ve been the icing on the cake), but it was nice to be back at this great little pub to round off our week.


We also had time to pop over to Covent Garden and get ourselves excited for the Oliviers (I’m wearing a dress to the awards – this almost never happens!). I’m feeling very optimistic for Sunny Afternoon, and not just because I’m obviously biased! Out of the five nominations there really should be one or two wins. That would really round off a fantastic week for Jess & I, for one thing. And the cast & creatives really deserve some extra recognition!

Whatever happens, I can’t wait to be there. The cast are also performing at the ceremony, and we’ve been assured that it’ll be a showstopper!

If you’re not lucky enough to have a ticket, you can either head to the Piazza or catch it later in the evening on ITV.

                          DSCF8156 DSCF8155

Inevitably, it’s been an emotional last day. I mean, it’s obviously not the last time I’ll be seeing the show, but I’ve got into a nice routine of fitting the show and our challenges into my days; it’ll be strange not being there every day! I’ve been overwhelmed by the support & co-operation of the cast, in what has been yet another hectic week for them (rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals!). They must really be sick of the sight of us!

I do feel, once again, that I’ve gained an insight into what their weeks must be like – having had very little sleep, working 9-5, dashing around London like a mad thing, and being at the theatre every night. But at least I get to sit down during the evening!


Luckily, as it was our last night, we managed to get seats back down near the front (stalls C8 & C9). It wouldn’t have felt right, else! And I am so glad we did. It was exciting to see Nick Sayce‘s take on Grenville Collins (I’ve previously seen him as Robert Wace & Mick); the only night of challenge week with an understudy, and an interesting portrayal of Grenville (plus Tam’s other characters).


There were many highlights in this show – obviously the drum solo (I can’t not mention it, sorry), the car scene (Mick & Pete doing Elvis faces, as well as their reactions to the gunshot, yet again had me in fits of laughter), and Waterloo Sunset. I genuinely don’t know why, but it really affected me – from Ray’s speech to the song itself – and I was in floods. What a sight I must’ve looked to anyone who happened to glance over at me from the stage!

And what better way to finish off the week than with a drink at our ‘local’ with a group of Afternooners?


Quote of the night: “I’ve just seen Dave Brubeck at the Hollywood Bowl! That’s all I wanted; I can die happy now…”

Song of the night: Stop Your Sobbing – basically, the wedding scene. The arrangement of the song in the show is kind of gospel in style, and a great ensemble piece. There’s so much to watch as well, with highlights being Rasa’s entrance (complete with scary father), and the lads’ reactions to the day’s events – from Pete reassuring Ray with a thumbs up, to Mick’s face when Rasa goes into labour. It kept a smile on my face!

Scene of the night: the interview. Ned’s performance in particular had me crying with laughter – actual uncontrollable crying, coupled with hysterical laughter!

#drumsolo view: 4/5 – nice & close, but tall people in front meant I really had to sit up straight to see it. Totally worth it though!

My final ‘Stage Door Daily’ is with Olivier nominee, George Maguire.

George Maguire (Dave Davies)
George Maguire (Dave Davies)

Favourite line in the show: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand – a monkey?”

What can I say about George? His commitment to the show, and especially the character of Dave, is utterly faultless. He is totally deserving of all the praise & accolades that have come his way – and to top it all off he’s a genuinely lovely bloke.

There are many brilliant Dave moments throughout the show, but not many more exciting than Till the End of the Day‘s epic chandelier swing, which always looks like such fun! I also love the part he plays in the Cardiff bust-up; Dave’s constant goading of Mick and the disastrous consequences is always entertaining, as he & Adam work so well together. But he doesn’t just manage the angry hedonist – A Long Way From Home really tugs on the heartstrings, and leaves you in no doubt of Dave’s vulnerability.

George Maguire in Sunny Afternoon.  Photograph by Kevin Cummins.
George Maguire in Sunny Afternoon.
Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

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