I really don’t like gymnastics. Partly from being forced into it in PE lessons at school, and partly because it always gets shoehorned into sporting events. (It’s my opinion, but I believe that there shouldn’t be subjectivity – i.e. judging, opinions – in sport, and much of gymnastics is based around this.) But we won’t get into that argument here…

So when Jess invited me along to see A Simple Space at Udderbelly, I was skeptical. Even if it did blow Jess’ mind when she saw it last year!


All that said… I really enjoyed it!

It’s a clever fusion of comedy, physical endurance and general thrills & spills.

The whole thing was pretty much non-stop from the first “falling!”… To do anything without having time to properly catch your breath is difficult, but when it’s stretching your physicality in such a fashion – the mind boggles!

Another element thrown into the show was competitiveness amongst the stars. Possibly my favourite part was a ‘last man standing’ affair with backwards somersaults. Which ended up with a pair basically spending more time in the air than on the ground! I also really enjoyed the competition between holding your breath and maintaining a handstand. Ridiculous!

Despite the fact that you could, at times, hear the buzz from outside, an intimate atmosphere still developed inside ‘the cow’. It’s a circus event like no other.

I was surprised to find myself gasping & smiling along the entire time. So if I liked it… You definitely would!


Head along to the South Bank by Sunday 24 May and catch it while you can.


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