Moments of ecstatic happiness

I’ve had a bit of time for last Wednesday’s events to sink in now, so thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments from the show itself with you. It really was such a wonderful night.

I keep getting odd flashbacks and replaying bits in my mind! (So if my eyes glaze over and I perhaps start welling up, this may well be the reason why.)

Favourite songs

‘Till The End Of The Day’ is always a highlight, but given that London was having its first heatwave of the year last Wednesday, George managing to spray ‘champagne’ all over us at our front table was very welcome indeed! This number is filled with fun moments: the chandelier (of course), Pete’s attempt at rebellion and Mick getting his hands on an axe, to name but a few… It’s a wonder they all managed to keep the energy up in the ridiculous heat!

‘Where Have All The Good Times Gone’ forms half of one of my favourite sections of the show; the Cardiff bust-up is utterly hilarious, every time. But, sorry to go all drum nerd on you, of late Adam’s been adding new fills – they were particularly fantastic last Wednesday.

‘This Time Tomorrow’ is perhaps an odd choice of favourite song, as from our front table vantage point we obviously couldn’t see all of the action (it’s based on the hanamichi), but it only served to heighten the anticipation of a certain little scene that was due to happen not long after…

Favourite moments

I love Pete’s interview scene in the middle of the first act. Ned manages to play this more hilariously every single time – and it has me in stitches each time. Particularly last Wednesday as Mick re-employed his interesting distraction technique!

The drum solo, of course, was THE highlight of the entire night. (And that really is saying something, given how awesome the whole show was.) I’d been promised an “extra special” one, and Adam really delivered. All of my favourite elements were thrown in there! I especially love the additional hi-hat insertions, that have only been included once before (that I remember, anyway).

Pete’s speech in the lead-up to ‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy’ gets me every time. I mostly get emotional during the songs, but this is one of the bits of dialogue that is a real tear-jerker. I may have been in an upbeat & celebratory mood, but that didn’t stop me from sobbing my heart out!

Quote of the night: “Dave’s gone to the dark side…”

With a hot & sweaty cast after my 100th show
With a hot & sweaty cast after my 100th show

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