A ‘new’ challenge…

George Maguire, Ned Derrington, Dominic Tighe, Tam Williams and Adam Sopp in Sunny Afternoon. Photograph by Kevin Cummins.
George Maguire, Ned Derrington, Dominic Tighe, Tam Williams and Adam Sopp in Sunny Afternoon.
Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

I’ve started mentioning this in passing to the cast now, so I guess it’s time to share with you all: I’m resurrecting #SunnyChallenge!

Looking at the calendar I couldn’t believe that the last challenge week was almost 5 months ago. 5 months! So what better time to bring it back than the week leading up to On Blackheath? I, of course, have a ticket to see the Sunny Afternoon gang performing on the Sunday, so it’s a full-on week.

I’m pretty sure I can cope though.

But I’m looking for your help! I’ll be going to the show every night of the week (7-12th September) as part of the challenge, however that’s not really enough. (I went to the show 20 times in August, so it’s evidently not difficult or any kind of hardship for me!) I want to complete some sort of show-related mini-challenge every day, so I’m looking for ideas.

I have a few thoughts floating around my head that will hopefully come to fruition – with any luck I’ll be able to rope some of the cast in to help me out at one point or another too – but I’d be really grateful for any suggestions. The sillier the better! It can be something for me to do throughout the day (always happy to be distracted), at the show or after the show. Obviously I won’t do literally anything, but I’ll do my best to keep you guys happy!

So if you have any ideas chuck them in the comment box at the bottom of this post, or drop me a tweet. You never know, it may be worth your while to pass on any idea you might have… 😉

I’ll be on Twitter & Instagram throughout the week, so look out for updates there – I’ll announce my mini-challenge at the start of each day, and provide you with a daily blog to boot! Jessica of @SunnyAftFans will be joining me as much as she can throughout the week (and I’m sure has some fun ideas of her own to keep me busy!), so keep an eye out there for extra news.

In the meantime, tickets are still available for the festival (you can get individual day tickets, don’t worry!) and the show itself is now booking through until April 2016! And with a brand spanking new cast (other than a few returning lovelies) from Monday 5 October.


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