Ugh. Not ANOTHER one. Dry January? A fad.

I’m not normally someone who joins in with these sort of things – I don’t like to conform, I don’t go in for things just because they’re popular… I always used to do Lent, not for religious reasons (really not my area!) but as a challenge to myself. But it became a bit repetitive, always giving up the same things and it actually being quite easy – seemed a bit pointless. So giving up something different, and at a different time of year, appealed to me.

Until about a year ago I wasn’t a regular drinker, in fact I was pretty much teetotal; barring special occasions I’d quite happily stick to soft drinks, and didn’t actually go to pubs that often.

But then Sunny Afternoon happened. After joining the cast for a post-show drink by myself on a couple of occasions, my newfound Afternooner friends & I started regularly going to the pub after the show, making the most of happy hour for cocktails in the Moonlight Bar before the show… I was even introduced to gin! (So successfully that a friend got me a book about gin as a Christmas present, even though I was the last one to start drinking the stuff.)


There were a few occasions spread across the year where I ended up having, let’s say, more than my fair share of alcohol… (I’ve discovered that hanging out with stagey people tends to assist in this.) So within 12 months I’ve gone from not really drinking at all, to being quite a regular.

Basically, alcohol has become something worth giving up! And as I’m still going to the show regularly, the temptations are there, habits (table seat + cocktails!) could easily be slipped into.

I’m not doing this to be cool, I just want a challenge. And if I can raise some money for a good cause whilst testing myself then all the better! I don’t expect you to sponsor me, but if you’d like to then I’d appreciate it – knowing that people have given money in my name is a big motivation.

Quite often when I do fundraising I prefer to nominate lesser known or smaller charities, to try & raise the profile (in my own small way) of a worthy cause that just isn’t getting the support it deserves. This time, however, by doing the official Dryathlon I’m raising money for a big, well-known charity in Cancer Research. Everyone has heard of cancer, but not everyone knows that it is a disease that can affect pretty much any part of the body, and people of any age.

I was lucky enough to spend my undergraduate research project for my BSc (Hons) in Human Genetics working with a team who investigate leukaemia cytogenetics at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. It was a really interesting topic, but quite sobering to think that a change in such a tiny part of you (an extra chromosome here & there) can have such devastating effects. It’s people like these researchers who will reap the benefits of anything you give me in terms of sponsorship – they really deserve all the help they can get.

So if you’d like to sponsor me, you can text DEBG87 and an amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070, visit my JustGiving page online, or pop some cash in my hand.


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