Team B week

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I may have mentioned before that Sunny Afternoon’s understudies (known to us as Team B) are proper heroes of mine. So far I’ve written ‘The show must go on’ blog posts parts 1, 2 & 3. A long overdue 4th instalment should be with you fairly soon too… They even featured on my Sunny Advent calendar!

So we Sunny Afternoon Fans are celebrating Team B week!

Understudies have such an important job to do, but so often can go unthanked. Most have to learn multiple parts, and can get called on at any given moment. They may even be rehearsing all day for one role and then have to go onstage as a completely different character that evening! The artistic freedom our cast are given also means they have a lot of sources to build their own performance from. A couple of particularly heavy loads go to Vicki Manser (covering all female roles) and Robbie White (covering all four Kinks). It’s staggering that they can keep all of that in their heads and access everything so readily when required.

Team B have been kept very busy since cast change – so much so that I’ve only seen the full current cast once out of 24 shows!

I think our leading man says it all:

There are lots of ways to get involved! Tweet your photos & memories to @SunnyAftFans and keep an eye out for fun new content on Twitter & Facebook.

I am also opening out my blog to you! You might want to write a tribute to your favourite understudy, share your experiences of seeing them onstage – you may even have been there on one of the nights that one of our superheroes has had to take over partway through the show… It would be great to hear from you.

If you would like to be a guest contributor on Mind the Blog this week, please email your post to – thank you!


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