Meet Team B: Robbie White

Robbie White and Oliver Hoare
Photo credit: Emma Burroughes

I honestly can’t imagine Sunny Afternoon without Robbie.

He is an absolute superhero, covering all four Kinks (Ray, Dave, Pete & Mick) and is also the show’s fight captain. Over the nearly 10 months that he’s been a part of the Sunny company he has really blossomed into a fantastic performer, particularly since cast change, as he has been onstage much more often – on average, probably about every other week! Aside from Ryan, who is now an official alternate Ray, he has definitely been putting in the most regular appearances. Mostly as Dave, but he’s had a week as Pete and a handful of shows (mostly over one week) as Ray. So he’s still yet to become Mick, but the way things have been going I don’t doubt this will happen at some point!

Robbie’s Pete is quite naïve; initially very excited about what could happen with the band, but quickly starts to wonder what he’s got himself into. I vividly remember the last time he was on as Pete, in early November last year, as it ended up being such an emotional performance that I couldn’t stop crying.

Robbie as Ray… Now there’s something I didn’t think I’d get the chance to see! And by twist of fate (well, cast holiday & illness) I ended up seeing his very first night and then another four performances in a single week. He did such a breathtakingly amazing job. I genuinely was stunned at just how good he was! And that was before you stop to think that he has three other characters in his head – and that this was the sixth different interpretation of Ray that I’ve seen…

And what about Dave the Rave? This is where Robbie really lets his inner rock star take over. From “Fuck this!”, to the now famous chandelier swing, and bounding about the stage like a man possessed in the finale, you can’t fault his commitment to the show. He must have incredible reserves of energy to do this so frequently!

Robbie is relentlessly enthusiastic, even on days that he’s had to take over at the last minute (even partway through the show for a couple of Daves!). It also helps that he is insanely talented. In his spare time (when he actually has any!) he writes & performs his own music – I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform on a couple of occasions, and he impresses me more & more each time.

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