Meet Team B: Lia Given

Lia Given
Photo credit: @sunnyafternoonthemusical

Lovely Lia made her mark very early on in her Sunny Afternoon career, covering Amy Ross (Joyce) in the days following the Oliviers win – including that Monday night!

After cast change she took over from Emily as dance captain, and remains understudy Peggy/Gwen/Joyce.

When you see her name up on the covers notice in the foyer, you know you’re in safe hands. From her very first appearance she’s not just been incredibly dependable, but genuinely incredible! It must’ve been so daunting for her to make her understudy debut 24 hours after the show did so well at the Oliviers, but if she was nervous you really couldn’t tell.

Whichever Davies sister she ends up becoming, her performance is dynamic & full of energy. I particularly enjoy watching her really go for it whenever she has a go at being the diner girl! She absolutely loves getting the chance to do Alice’s track in ‘You Really Got Me’, as it means she can strut down the hanamichi in her solo moment.

And, very much unlike me actually, I get definite shoe envy when she’s on in the finale!

As if she wasn’t committed to the show enough, she’s also been learning the trumpet alongside fellow Team B member Vicki Manser. Very much disproving the myth that an understudy’s life is all prank playing & DVD watching…

Outside of Sunny, she keeps up her dancing – most recently performing at the IWC Watches gala in Geneva, as part of Adam Cooper‘s dance troupe.

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