Meet Team B: Alex Tosh & Rob Took

Sunny Afternoon’s most recent additions to Team B are Alex Tosh & Rob Took, taking over from Silas Wyatt-Barke (recently in The Lorax at the Old Vic) & Steve Pallister (promoted to full-time Mr Davies/Klein).

Alex Tosh
Photo credit: Sunny Afternoon website

Alex has made an immediate impression on Sunny Afternoon. Silas had become a firm favourite with the Afternooners, so his were big shoes to fill – and Alex really has done that.

He had performed a few times before I saw him onstage, but all the same, the confidence with which he went about his run as Wace was remarkable. Obviously all actors want to get their chance in the spotlight, especially when they don’t have a regular role, but it must’ve been a bit of a shock to have three weeks scheduled after only being with the show for a couple of months! It definitely gave him time to hone his interpretation further, and endear himself to us.

And this week, as if to confirm that Team B week was the best idea ever, he unexpectedly got the chance to be Grenville! It would ordinarily be Nick, of course, but illness put paid to his chances of this stint. So, as is often the way, I was the first Afternooner to see what this looked like, on only his second go… To say I was chuffed to bits would be an understatement! For me, there’s an entertaining highlight in each act: his dancing alongside Gabriel in the first, and his turn as Jimmy from the Teamsters in the second. Jimmy really has to be seen to be believed! And apparently has gone down rather well with lots of people.

You may also have seen that he plays the saxophone rather than a brass instrument, which does give a new twist to the songs. Out of the two parts, I think it somehow works best when he’s Grenville, but it definitely is refreshing either way.

Robert Took
Photo credit: Sunny Afternoon website

Rob really was thrown into the deep end! I believe he was the last to get cast, and then last-minute indisposition meant he was needed onstage… As is the Sunny way! He covers Mr Davies/Klein, Kassner, Page & Piven. Phew!

I’ve not seen him lots of times, but in a couple of guises all the same. Most often so far it’s been as ‘Dad’. He’s definitely made an assured beginning to his time in Team B, sparking up relationships with his onstage family with ease – meaning they could support him as he found his feet, and showing a natural looking family unit together. He also makes a very entertaining Klein! Definitely seems like he enjoys that particular side of things.

It will be interesting to see him more in the coming months, and trying out some other characters for a bit longer than a couple of days here & there. I’m also interested to see the other instrumental skills he has up his sleeve!

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