End of Team B week

Team B pic
Lloyd Gorman, Ryan O’Donnell, Kay Milbourne, Vicki Manser, Lia Given, Alex Tosh and Rob Took
Photo credit: Vicki Manser

So, this has been Team B week! Though for we Afternooners, pretty much every week is Team B week. Did I mention before that we love them?

If you’ve been following all of our platforms, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our heroes and learning more about them. If you’ve only just seen this now… Well, you can catch up on all of the profiles that we’ve posted this week:

The gorgeous Alice Cardy is an honorary member of Team B (as you hopefully noticed from my first post this week), as she covers Rasa when Vicki’s unable to. Sadly she’s not had a chance to do this yet, so we couldn’t really write a blog about her covering Megan’s role! What I can say is that she’s wonderful, hugely talented and most certainly has a bright future ahead of her. She started out at Sunny as Joyce and has since become Peggy; rehearsing with the current cast whilst still performing in August & September, so that gives you some idea of how good she is.

Thank you to those of you who have engaged with us and shared your memories & Team B wishes. (It’s good to know that not everybody is solely existing in the past!)

We’re always happy to chat about Team B so, even though our dedicated week has come to a close, I implore you to keep tweeting, Facebooking, commenting, talking… Anything! I hope our lovely Team B has enjoyed the attention they deserve this week and that they feel the love.

I can’t wait to see what Team B treats lie in wait for me next week!


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