Cast member of the month: Harriet Bunton

Alice Cardy, Harriet Bunton and Niamh Bracken
Photo credit: @harrietbunton

A lot of credit has to go to the ladies of Sunny Afternoon – onstage for a fair chunk of the show, but with relatively few lines, they provide integral support for the rest of the cast. One of our current bunch of wonderfuls has been named the inaugural ‘Cast member of the month’ on @SunnyAftFans: Harriet Bunton.

Previously, Harriet has had a few stage roles, including Janet in the European tour of the Rocky Horror Show, ensemble in We Will Rock You at the Dominion, and dancer for Kerry Ellis in The Night of 1000 Voices at the Royal Albert Hall. She also appears in the music video for The M’goo Project’s ‘Let’s Fly To The Moon’.

Harriet Bunton, Alice Cardy and Niamh Bracken
Photo credit: @harrietbunton

Harriet joined the show at October’s cast change to play Joyce, taking over from Alice Cardy (who switched to Peggy). For this role she not only plays one of Ray & Dave’s sisters, but also a wide range of characters – tap dancer in Denmark Street, Top of the Pops dancer, Kinks groupie (both British and American), débutante at the ball and, my personal favourite, the wedding crasher. On top of all this, she will quite often pop up in the background performing some choreography or providing backing vocals!

She made an immediate impression on me with her bubbly nature and obvious sense of humour. Harriet always provides a wealth of comedy moments, whether she’s grabbing Ray to convince him to marry her instead, or being carted off by Jonah after the Sheffield gig (“I love you, Ray! Put me down!”). Even showing true sibling behaviour, whacking Dave with a sock! She’s a fantastic dancer and even gets the chance to show off some musical skills, playing the trumpet in Sunny Afternoon.

Photo credit: @harrietbunton

Harriet has made Sunny her home with real ease, giving everyone in the audience one moment or another to really look forward to every time.

We are hoping, over the course of the month, to learn much more about our lovely Joyce. If you have any questions you’d like to ask (whether you’ve been to see her in the show yet or not), do feel free to add them to the comments section – alternatively you can contact us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll do our best to put them to Harriet as much as possible before she starts avoiding us!

Lia Given, Harriet Bunton and Alice Cardy
Photo credit: @sunnyafternoonthemusical

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