Meet Harriet Bunton

Photo credit: @harrietbunton

All this month at @SunnyAftFans HQ we have been celebrating Harriet Bunton as our inaugural Cast Member of the Month!

I think we definitely chose well. Not only is she reliable (sure she’s been in pretty much every show this month), but she’s always vibrant & constantly hilarious. A true living embodiment of Sunny-ness!

We’re always grateful for all the efforts the cast put in, especially the various things that go on in the background that don’t often get noticed. A lot of credit has to go to the girls – the show may be about The Kinks, but it wouldn’t be the same without them.

Photo credit: @harrietbunton

Last week I managed to catch up with her to ask a few of your questions…

Which other cast member is most likely to make you corpse?

Any of the boys, but a top three of Charlie, Oliver and Chris. In particular, watch out for Oliver & a sock when the Davies sisters interrupt Ray & Dave’s rehearsing…

Do you try and make anyone in particular corpse?

Charlie! (It’s apparently very tempting for her when she looks over and sees his face.)

Did you have to learn any particular skills to take on this role? 

Learnt to play the trumpet two weeks before the new cast took over – her friends find it hilarious when they come to watch the show! She’s also currently learning to play the drums. We sense a Kinks takeover in the offing…

If you could be any other character in the show (male or female) which would it be?

Absolutely gunning for the role of Dave Davies!

Photo credit: @dannyhorn89

Thank you to Harriet for being a fantastic first Cast Member of the Month! Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed learning more about her over these past few weeks – we’ve certainly had a lot of fun watching her performances onstage.

I think we may have inadvertently brought out the company’s competitive side by introducing this! Keep an eye out on the fanpage for announcements of our next Cast Member and Understudy of the Month soon…

Photo credit: @harrietbunton

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