Meet Chris Brandon

Lia Given and Chris Brandon
Photo credit: Charlie Tighe

All this month at @SunnyAftFans HQ we have been celebrating Chris Brandon as our second Cast Member of the Month!

Once again we made a very good choice (not that we’re showing off at all). If you speak to anyone who sees the show regularly, be they a fan or even a relative of another cast member, Chris’ name is bound to come up in the conversation.

It’s hard to pick out a favourite of all the hilarious things he does (with him being our resident comedy genius) – he makes a brilliantly crazed angry dad walking Rasa down the aisle, and his laid-back turn as the studio producer in the lead-up to Sunny Afternoon is fantastic. But if I absolutely had to choose… It’s probably the beginning of the second act, when he has to intervene as the band are getting billed left, right & centre. From his galloping entrance (“Yes, cock, what’s the problem?”), to his ever more elaborate gun fights with Oliver (of course I get distracted by that!) and his range of exclamations when confronted by the Mob boss (“Bloody Nora!” and “Christ on a bike!” spring to mind).

Remarkably, there was a background detail I hadn’t noticed, but thankfully Danny happened to mention it to me and it’s given me the giggles ever since. Be sure to watch Chris as Larry is described as being “tremendously well connected” – he does something different every time, and it just adds an extra layer of silliness to proceedings.

Chris Brandon and Gabriel Vick
Photo credit: @sunnyafternoonthemusical

On his last night as Cast Member of the Month, I finally crossed paths with Chris and managed to ask him a couple of quick questions…

What is your favourite moment in the show?

He loves being Larry on the plane at the beginning of the second act. He gets to pretend to be asleep, sitting there listening to a brilliant performance of This Time Tomorrow from the boys & the backing band. Can’t go wrong!

Do you have a favourite show, to date?

Tonight’s! (Saturday 30 April.) It was a really fun show – always best to stay in the present!

It really was a fantastic show. For we Afternooners it was great, as we somehow managed to have a bit of a reunion and took over half of row B. And the rest of the audience produced a joyful atmosphere, particularly in the finale with everyone up & rocking out. Definitely a good show for him to go out on – and relinquish the tiara!

Alice Cardy, Niamh Bracken, Harriet Bunton and Chris Brandon
Photo credit: @harrietbunton

Thank you to Chris for continuing Harriet‘s good work as Cast Member of the Month! He’s managed to only miss two days, and I for one have been regularly going & chuckling along at his antics.

We’ve had some predictions for our next Cast Member and Understudy of the Month – find out later today…

Jason Baughan and Chris Brandon in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

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