Exposure the Musical – official launch


Last Thursday saw the launch of brand new musical, Exposure. Rather appropriately, for a show set in the world of photography, this took place at London’s Getty Images Gallery not far from Oxford Street.

Exposure the Musical revolves around photographer, Jimmy, whose latest commission is to get in situ shots of the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger & sloth) in London. This is the biggest challenge of his career so far, and a chance to make his name. But before too long it becomes clear that it’s not just money at stake. What is the true cost of fame?


The show (written largely by Mike Dyer) has been in development for the past 12-15 years, and will soon be brought to life at the St James Theatre in Victoria, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newly acquired hub for original British musical theatre. A lot of thought, and a lot of dedication, has gone into this production so far, with several high profile partners getting involved (including Ducati, Shazam, Getty Images & Canon) to make it as high quality as possible. It promises to be visually stunning, courtesy of Timothy Bird’s set & video design, and the team being allowed free access to a wealth of Getty’s catalogue.

The cast have only recently started rehearsals, but it’s clear that a great team has been put together. Their leading lady (Natalie Anderson) was identified straightaway, Lauren Stroud’s voice “blows the roof off and breaks bottles” – and David Albury (Jimmy) “is the part”. The company also features former EastEnders star Michael Greco as Miles Mason, and Niamh Perry as Pandora. The ensemble is full of “brilliant dancers”, choreographed to perfection by Lindon Barr.


At the launch event, the assembled cast performed a selection of songs from the show (snippets of which can be found on the official website). They all sound very promising, with the clear standout being the final number, Rainmaker. Rich in harmonies & full of soul, it’s also very catchy – once you’ve heard it you’re absolutely guaranteed to be humming it to yourself for days afterwards.

I, for one, am now intrigued to see the show itself and can’t wait for it to start its limited run. And who knows? If it goes well it may not be the last we see of Exposure.

Exposure the Musical runs at the St James Theatre from 16 July to 27 August 2016. Tickets are available online and from the box office.

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