Cast Member of the Month: Oliver Hoare

Oliver Frederick Hoare
Oliver Hoare
Photo credit: @dannyhorn89

After the amazing Niamh in June, we now return to the band for our next Cast Member of the Month at @SunnyAftFans – “the angriest guitar player in the world”, David Russell Davies himself, Oliver Hoare.

Prior to making his West End debut, Olly has had several (varied) stage jobs – from The Beggar’s Opera in Regent’s Park and The Jungle Book at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, to School For Scandal at the Tobacco Factory and Antony & Cleopatra at Chichester (alongside Kim Cattrall). As well as this, he’s had the odd onscreen appearance here & there – most recently, One Crazy Thing, which has screened at several film festivals.

Hoare is also a singer-songwriter, and is front man for Freddie and the Hoares (I may have mentioned them once or twice before). They’re billed as “Folk’n’Roll” and you can understand why: they come together to create a unique sound that I, for one, can’t get enough of. A full-length album is in the works, to add to their EP, so watch this space…

Oliver Hoare in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

Olly picked up where George Maguire left off, coming in as Dave at the cast change in October. What is immediately apparent are his skills with guitar in hand; he’s clearly been playing for a long while, and is entirely confident with everything Davies’ songbook has to throw at him. I could genuinely go through the entire list when naming highlights! His enthusiasm for You Really Got Me makes for a very entertaining sight – particularly in combination with Tom’s headbanging Pete on the other side of the stage. On the slightly softer side, his acoustic accompaniment in the brothers’ first act duet (This Is Where I Belong) shows touches of delicacy at times. And the pièce de résistance, of course, is Waterloo Sunset – from the first iteration to the very last.

But it’s not just about the guitar. I’ve been consistently impressed with his whole performance, particularly over recent months – he’s played around with the role to really make it his own. Whether he’s behaving like a typical teenager (throwing socks at his sisters & winding them up, wiping his dirty hands everywhere), embracing the rock & roll lifestyle (his bubbly ‘squirting’ is the best in the business), or facing the realities of adulthood, you know you can always rely on him. One part that always gets to me is A Long Way From Home; he has an intensity that draws you in, and seems to have formed terrific onstage relationships with each cast member that plays his older brother. And, on a lighter note, his attempts to make the rest of the company corpse (& keep himself amused) do not go unnoticed, and have produced some hilarious results!

Danny Horn and Oliver Hoare in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

By all accounts it took quite some time to cast Dave, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it was most certainly worth the wait.

I’m sure you will have questions that you might like us to put to him – please do leave them in the comments section below, tweet @SunnyAftFans or find the thread in our Facebook group.

Oliver Hoare and Danny Horn
Photo credit: @dannyhorn89

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