Meet Oliver Hoare

Photo credit: Ksenia Nemchinova

Throughout July, we at @SunnyAftFans HQ have celebrated Oliver Hoare as our Cast Member of the Month, following on from the beautiful Niamh.

This seems to have been quite a popular choice; reviewers & regular theatregoers alike always seem to rave about our Dave! He’s great entertainment value, and is equally adept at bringing out the younger Davies brother’s emotional side – I honestly can’t remember a time that A Long Way From Home hasn’t left me in tears.

Brothers reunited
Photo credit: @dannyhorn89

At cast change, some of the choreography was amended – for regulars, this is most obvious during Dedicated Follower of Fashion. It’s always been my favourite number, as it can’t fail to put a smile on anyone’s face, and really shows Dave’s cheekiness off to a tee! Watch out if you happen to be sat at the end of the hanamichi in row F…

We’ve decided that he should probably give masterclasses in bubbly “squirting”. His range & trajectory with that bottle are absolutely ridiculous! (The other week it got inside one of my coat pockets – explain that!) Nevertheless, it is definitely one of my favourite parts of the show, keeping up the 4D experience with a light/heavy soaking.


Last week, after another hot show in the Harold Pinter, I stopped Olly for a quick interview while he cooled down…

As someone who doesn’t love musicals, what attracted you to the show?

Unlike some other shows of this genre (naming no names!), it’s not shittily done. It’s a good story, the songs aren’t just hastily put together and it has real integrity.

What would you like to progress on to?

He wants to focus on his band next, as much as he possibly can (they recently performed on the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude). As far as acting goes, he’d like to do some more straight acting – maybe a two-hander, or perhaps some new writing. If there happened to be a part going in a Paul Thomas Anderson film that would be a dream, as he “never gets it wrong”.

Do you have any pre-show or interval rituals?

He’s not really a creature of habit, so he has no rituals as such. He enjoys shouting at whoever he comes into contact with before the show starts…

At this point Danny arrived, and pointed out that Olly likes to gurn into the mirror in their dressing room & wait until Danny sees him, to let him know if he’s ‘ready’. He then also remembered that he likes to wait as long as possible before going onto the stage at the start.

What is your favourite quote from the show?

His absolute favourite is “Fuck this!” – even if he has no energy at the start of the show, saying this gets him into the right frame of mind.

A close second is “David Russell Davies” – it’s Ray allowing Dave a moment in the spotlight. Most of the show is about Ray, and he doesn’t always seem to approve of or appreciate what Dave does, so it’s a nice moment between the brothers. He also likes everything Kassner says, as he gets to hear a lot of it over the tannoy.

Photo credit: Dawn Cumia Costello

Our thanks go to Olly for being a terrific Cast Member of the Month! He’s only missed a handful of shows – and within that time has had four different onstage older brothers… That doesn’t happen too often! And he’s also had the opportunity to play on the Pinter stage whilst Danny & Ray himself sang together, as well as performing Sunny Afternoon with the band as part of the 1966 World Cup celebrations at Wembley.

Who do you think should be our next Cast Member of the Month?

Wembley soundcheck
Photo credit: @tishtoshtashy

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