Sunny Challenge 4.0

(l-r) Danny Horn, Oliver Hoare, Damien Walsh, Tom Whitelock in Sunny Afternoon. Credit - Kevin Cummins.jpg
Danny Horn, Oliver Hoare, Damien Walsh and Tom Whitelock in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

It’s taken a while, but I am now finally heading into my first challenge week with the 2015-16 class of Sunny Afternoon! Circumstances haven’t been on my side so far this year – either having money but not the time, or the other way round. Luckily a week freed itself up for the days leading into the show’s second anniversary in the West End. What could be more perfect?

Challenge week as a concept has come a long way since its inaugural outing in February 2015. At that point I didn’t regularly go out every night in the week, so it was a challenge to be out at a relatively long show six days in a row – even when you love the show in question. But I soon got used to that whole thing (I did twelve nights out in a row recently, with several two-show days thrown in for good measure) and instead each day required mini challenges to be completed. I did this with the Theatre Tourist (& in conjunction with the show’s marketing team) in April last year, leading up to that glorious Oliviers night – and again in September 2015 in the week running up to the cast’s appearance at OnBlackheath.

I’ve had a few suggestions of challenges sent through – my favourite (& most unexpected) being this one:

I’m not sure the team are going to sanction this one (& I’m not going to risk getting kicked out!), so Adam may end up being disappointed by the end of the week. Though if someone happened to drag/invite me up onto the stage I guess that counts…

So I have one day left that I need to find a challenge for. I’m up for embarrassing myself again (remember that ‘drum solo‘ last year?) – but within reason. I do have a tiny bit of dignity that I want to keep intact! Please drop any suggestions to @Deborah_Deborah, @Mind_the_Blog, the Sunny Afternoon Fans Twitter or Facebook pages, or in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully I’ll also be running a competition or two during the week, so do keep engaging – it could be worth your while!

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