Day 2: Bewitching, beguiling

Gabriel Vick and Charlie Tighe in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

So it was my first day combining work with challenge week… It’s just as tiring being part-time as it was on my previous full-time weeks! It was a pretty full-on day at work, so knowing I had the show to look forward to in the evening made things a lot better. Especially as I ended up getting a front row seat when I wasn’t expecting it!

The challenge

So cop-out challenges continue… I decided that drawing act 2 should be my second challenge, as I hadn’t thought of anything else myself or had any doable suggestions.

This, as probably suspected, did not go so well. I managed to add one drawing to my collection! Turns out it wasn’t so easy to do the odd drawing in between work tasks after all… If I can get it all done by the end of the week I’ll be satisfied. And I’ll find some way of getting a slideshow up to prove it!

The show

B16. Next to my favourite seat for the previous cast – and nice to be a) in a different seat, and b) on a different side to the previous night.

During the afternoon (and I have witnesses to prove it), I had a funny feeling that Nick would be on as Mick that night. My face when I saw the cover notice must’ve been a picture! Delighted at the prospect of seeing my favourite understudy, but also a bit smug that my Sunny Afternoon Oracle powers seem to still be in working order…

Great to have two unique lineups for the first two shows of the week! The band on fine form, management super cheeky, and the girls very sparky. We also had a classic bit of line fluff courtesy of Chris: “Girls’ll like it, they’ll be… Glorious!” Always nice to know that the cast enjoy these moments in the same way as we do too!

I continue to be astonished by Danny. He’s consistently brilliant, but there are some days where he takes it to an even higher level. Somehow he found a way to make me cry at a point in the show that’s never made me cry before – and he was on top form in the comedy stakes too! Grabbing the contract (“mine!”) and pointing out Klein’s statement about Marsha to Pete in particular… I also happened to be in the perfect seat for his spectacular dentist’s chair fall – a perennial favourite moment.

Unable to put my finger on why, and it wasn’t just me who thought it, but there was a bit of a strange atmosphere in the theatre. Nonetheless, it was another enjoyable show – the big grin on my face confirmed that!

Charlie Tuesday

(Yes, I’m a commoner, I pronounce it ‘Choosday’) I paid extra attention to cheeky chappy Charlie, August’s Cast Member of the Month, last night. Forever cheerful & aptly sunny onstage, watching Charlie is perfect if you need a night full of giggles – especially in combination with partner-in-crime Gabriel… I found his “thin letterbox in time” speech particularly moving last night, for whatever reason – so it’s not all about the laughs. Though one of my favourite moments is his dance across the stage towards the end of Waterloo Sunset; if I’m emotional at that point it brings a reassured smile back to my face every time.

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