Day 3: He’s a victim of his own genius

Tom Whitelock (as Pete Quaife) in Sunny Afternoon. Credit - Kevin Cummins.jpg
Tom Whitelock in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

Onto the third day of six, and luckily I only have to work during the afternoon – so a bit of time to recover from the previous two nights before heading into town again to procure a ticket and work for a bit. I was still feeling quite jubilant from the previous two shows, and hotly anticipating getting on to my next challenge.

The challenge

Something completely different for you this time…

My motto when I was younger was “If it rhymes it must be true”, and this certainly gave me some impetus in approaching this challenge. Given that it’s 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, and there are various celebrations going on this year, I decided that the only course of action would be to write a sonnet. Traditionally love poetry, I would clearly be expressing my love for the show!

It was a really fun exercise, actually. For me, almost like a puzzle – thinking of the odd line was quite easy, but then you have to get a rhyme for it… And of course I had to get the correct amount of syllables in each line to make it a true Shakespearean sonnet. I’m rather proud of the result:

I think you’ll all agree that I’ve finally started rising to the challenge! Yet more thanks to Danny for helping me complete this one.

The show

I was especially happy as I’d managed to get my favourite seat for this show – so somewhere different for this week once again. And the addition of Kay to the lineup (along with Nick still) to make it a third new look for me! Though it didn’t stop there… All of a sudden, during You Still Want Me, Lloyd appears as Piven! That was so exciting to me that I didn’t notice until the end that Niamh was missing – and Vicki came on in her place as Gwen later on. So from single Team B representation to nearly everyone! Always fun, and keeps everyone on their toes.

And the show was a really really good one. By no means perfect, with line & costume mishaps, but sometimes the best ones aren’t always the ones without mistakes. I was glad to be back in good range for some spraying this time, and Cardiff was so full of anger that I felt extremely gleeful by the interval! I can feel the tears creeping up more & more as the week wears on though, A Long Way From Home was particularly affecting last night.

I’m really enjoying getting the chance to see Nick in my favourite of his covers for these bonus shows – it was an especially brilliant drum solo last night, I have to say. And seeing best buddies Kay & Vicki head down the hanamichi together at the end of Sunny Afternoon was a really nice thing this close to the end of the run.

Whitelock Wednesday

Tom is another previous Cast Member of the Month, and he’s been particularly impressive over the three shows this week – so it’s only fair that he gets some plaudits for last night! His Pete is quite serious, but that doesn’t mean he shirks as far as the comedy moments go. One of my new favourites has to be his reaction to a gun being pulled out by the driver at the beginning of the second act, coupled with his contortions when the gun is actually fired! He also puts a stupid grin on my face with “Oh, that is a nice lick!” as we build up to Waterloo Sunset; just what’s needed at that point. And it’s definitely worth repeating that he’s a bloody good bass player!

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