Day 4: A whiff of Hamburg-era Beatles

Photo credit: Ksenia Nemchinova

A day off work! But somehow I was just as busy, rushing around on errands all morning – and even once I got myself back home for a bit I seemed to have a lot of things to do… Hardly the slightly relaxing day that it possibly could’ve been! Charlie asked me on Tuesday if the week had started to make me go bonkers yet – maybe this is the turning point?

The challenge

As I am celebrating two years of the show being in the West End, I couldn’t go without a bit of a Throwback Thursday…

I’ve been following the show for nearly all of its two-year residency at the Harold Pinter Theatre, so there was a lot to try & dredge up in my memory! As I don’t have my memories under lock & key my brain can rather unhelpfully give me flashbacks to things previous cast members used to do during the show, which can make even the most seemingly inane thing a bit emotional.

My favourite memories are probably:

  • the Royal Albert Hall gig this year – totally worth shelling out that bit extra for a good, close seat
  • my 100th show – it was all for me, really
  • the Olivier Awards 2015 – everything about that day was pretty much perfect
  • the final few shows before cast change – an unexpected thrill seeing a couple of my leaving presents become part of the show

It was great to hear from you too! Here’s a selection:

I also enlisted the help of the current cast (in exchange for chocolates) – again, Danny was instrumental in getting this going, so another big thank you to him, and there may be a few more coming by the end of the week…

The show

I’m not the biggest fan of sitting at a table on my own, you can feel quite isolated (though not nearly as isolated as Pete, clearly) – but as I hope to be in the stalls as much as possible this week I had little choice… Tucked myself away on table AA! Luckily it was a really full night all-round, so it wasn’t as quiet there as it could’ve been on a less busy night. Another different seat to keep my week going!

And… Another different lineup! Niamh was back, but the rest stayed the same: Nick as Mick, Lloyd as Piven & Kay as Mrs Davies/Marsha. The cover notice wasn’t up-to-date again, so I had to wait until the show started to be sure of who was there – other than Nick, of course.

It was another ridiculously fun first act – in particular my still-favourite song, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, for which I had a great vantage point on my little table. If you’ve only ever watched the band during this song, I thoroughly recommend peeking at the management team for some extra giggles (I blame Jess for me always doing this now)! On a different note, the intensity between the brothers was at a peak, which made their crescendo at A Long Way From Home even more powerful than normal.

Maybe I should’ve chosen table DD… Having Harriet right next to me during Waterloo Sunset was enough to really set me off (full-on wobbly bottom lip & streams of tears) – having all the lovely memories going through my head all day also was enough to make me a bit more emotional in the first place. These final few weeks are going to go so fast now…


(Well, you try alliterating something from the show with Thursday!) So yesterday was all about July’s Cast Member of the Month, Oliver. It’s a bit of a whirlwind ride watching Dave; starting out as a restless teenager, then careering into a life of hedonism that spirals a bit out of control. You can always rely on Oliver to put in a strong performance – combining entertaining little asides (which I often catch out of the corner of my eye) with compelling emotional moments & guitar playing to die for. I’m also a big fan of Angry Dave, especially alongside Angry Mick!

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    A day off work! But somehow I was just as busy, rushing around on errands all morning – and even once I got myself back home for a bit I seemed to have a lot of things to do… Hardly the slightly relaxing day that it possibly could’ve been! Charlie ask”


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