Meet Megan Leigh Mason

Photo credit: @MeganLeighMason

Throughout September, we at @SunnyAftFans HQ celebrated Megan Leigh Mason as our Cast Member of the Month, taking over from the brilliant Charlie.

Megan has some great moments scattered through the show, and gets quite a bit of stage time thanks to her also playing Dolly early on in the first act. I love seeing her having such a great time – and often find myself automatically watching her more background moments, like helping the boys to get changed before the tailor scene and having a bash on the tambourine in the pit during You Really Got Me (she’s started to really go for it now!). Her partnership with onstage husband Danny (as Ray) has been top-notch from the beginning; their duets are standout moments of every show, with their voices blending together perfectly.

Megan Leigh Mason and Niamh Bracken in Sunny Afternoon.
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

Last week I got Megan thinking with a few quick questions…

What is your favourite non-Rasa part of the role?

It definitely has to be Dead End Street. She loves getting to play the banjo, and always has a tremendous amount of fun during that number.

Who is your inspiration as an actress & musician?

After some consideration (and ignoring Danny’s suggestion of, ahem, Danny Horn) Megan came up with a couple of inspirations. On the music side of things, she could look no further than Joni Mitchell. In terms of acting inspirations, she’s always looked more for good role models to follow, and Emma Thompson fits that bill perfectly. (I found this a rather neat combination, thanks to that famous scene from Love Actually!)

If you could take any costume or prop with you at the end of the run, what would it be?

She’d definitely love to take away the blue & white Sunny Afternoon dress and maybe Rasa’s wedding veil.

Are there any dream roles you wish you could’ve played or would like to play?

Either Mrs Lovett or Madame Thénardier – she loves playing in-your-face characters. It would certainly be a contrast to Rasa!

Megan Leigh Mason and Danny Horn in Sunny Afternoon
Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

Megan only missed a single day in September, so that definitely makes her a top class Cast Member of the Month! With the focus more often than not on the band, it’s been a pleasure to cast the spotlight on our leading lady for once.

Have you seen our announcement about our final Cast Member of the Month..?

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