“A thin letterbox in time…”


So it’s finally come. The last week. After feeling like we had so much time left, we suddenly only have a few days left! It remains frustrating to me that I’ve not been able to take advantage of the show being here quite so much this year, thanks to my circumstances, but I’m making up for it a bit this week anyway by doing every single show. Just the nine shows…

As I arrived at the theatre on Monday evening I got really excited. It had been a week since my last show, so that probably contributed, but I just had the feeling that the final six days were going to be very special indeed.

It’s obviously made me rather nostalgic about the whole two years, and brought back memories about cast change week (just over a year ago). I’m sharing a few things over on my Instagram page each day, so if you’re interested then feel free to check it out!


Monday’s show was an absolute cracker to get the week started! It was pure fun, from start to finish. We had a mini-reunion for this one as well, which probably helped. Thanks to the lovely people in the Harold Pinter box office, Jess & I are sat together quite a bit this week – always good to be able to have a giggle along together. Particularly as we both get a kick out of the management team’s antics!

It feels like certain people are being a bit ridiculous already (in a good way), so I am very excited to see whether any muckarounds are planned for Saturday’s matinée… They have Harriet & Jason’s final Saturday afternoon to live up to now!

But that’s days away, so shh! This was the best way to kick off the week – lovely to spend time with a group of Dedicated Followers, and also very briefly see Ryan there (on a day off before the next set of tour dates). It all contributes to the happy atmosphere, I reckon.


It’s odd for me to wake up feeling happy on a day that I have to go into work… Especially when I’m knackered! So Tuesday got off to a rather good start. That is, until we got the most unwelcome news about Emma Rice, which put a bit of a dampener on everyone’s day. Lucky that we had another show to look forward to then!

And it certainly did the job. I always enjoy a show with Steve as MD, so it was a nice surprise when he stepped onstage for the pre-set (good opportunity to plug his JustGiving page, as he’s running the London Marathon next year). Also nice to be over on the other side of the stalls for a change.

Things got a bit weird for a while, but no matter. I was determined that the floods of tears would wait until later on in the week, but there was a bit of a blip (I’m sure Danny would be happy for me to blame him) – though oddly Days came to my rescue. I suddenly felt the biggest grin across my face as the five of them came forward for the final part of the song… I was still crying a bit, but some lovely happy tears with a wide grin accompanying them. (Hopefully it didn’t look like a weird grimace!)

I’m going to enjoy this week. It’s my last chance to see the ‘permanent’ version of the show that’s changed my life, after all.


The first two-show day (of three!) is on the cards for today…

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