“…a moment of dawn…”


Today’s the day Helen has named Doomsday, mk. 2: The Final Reckoning. Like everything this week, this day has come far too quickly…

I can’t quite believe that there have been three shows since I last posted. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been at the Harold Pinter Theatre for seven performances already this week – I’m far from bored, and feel like I’m just warming up. At the moment I’m a bizarre combination of excited & sad; anticipating mischief (& celebrating my second Sunnyversary) in the matinée, and preparing for the emotion of the evening show.

This post also marks another step in the ‘slow goodbye’… Vicki made her last two appearances on Thursday, and then Lloyd took Team B’s final bow last night as Larry Page. The past 19 months with this lot for security has been just brilliant; they are an exceptional bunch and I’m sure there are bright futures ahead for them all.

(The hat wasn’t my idea!)

Thursday’s matinée was the only ticket I didn’t have prepared, but thanks to TodayTix I got an absolute bargain price for D16. As much as I love being down at the very front, I had been hoping for a chance to see as much of the whole picture as possible at one point – and this was my opportunity. It also happened to be a day of final milestones: my 275th show in the afternoon, then my 120th with this cast in the evening.

Danny had predicted the previous night that emotions were probably going to start bubbling over from Thursday, and that certainly was the case for me during the matinée. The first act was fine, full of the usual fun (including the return of Kung Fu Dave during an epic Cardiff scene) – but when you suddenly start crying during The Moneygoround you know things are on the slide…

Jess & I had seats at my favourite table (BB) for the evening show, so obviously I was rather excited! It was the perfect opportunity to make the most of Vicki’s final show (her wedding crasher has just gotten more & more hilarious every time), as well as have our usual giggle along to the management team’s antics – though with being closer you get the added bonus of hearing more little background comments. Always great fun, that!

Thankfully, I suppose, I was less emotional after the evening show – so I could celebrate another fantastic day a bit more. It certainly lived up to Phil’s theory of a certain point in the week providing a cracking show.


Oddly I found myself reminiscing over a bit of a tangential link to the Sunny year yesterday (coincidentally & spookily at the same time as Jess) – Miss Atomic Bomb. Definitely one of my favourite shows of the year and co-written by our very own Robert ‘Bobby’ Wace, Mr Gabriel Vick! In my capacity as an independent critic, I managed to procure a press ticket for the show – to my delight I was allocated a seat at the same performance as nearly the entire Sunny cast. It was a wonderfully odd thing to be sat in the audience with them as opposed to watching them from the audience, even ending up sat a couple of seats away from Chris & Charlie. Bumping into a few of them during the interval and afterwards was really lovely, and just shows what a great bunch they are for sparing their time on a night off.

I had my favourite seat of 2015-16 for the final time and it didn’t disappoint. As soon as Danny said, “Turn it up!” I had an inkling that You Really Got Me was going to be a display of absolute perfection, and I’m not ashamed to say that I had some tears of pure joy in my eyes by the end of it. Though luckily not long afterwards I got an absolute drenching which helped to disguise any remnants of the crying on my face! (My hair hadn’t dried out by the interval, let’s put it that way.) Till The End Of The Day is a riot of fun from all quarters, and last night was no exception – if you are going to either or both of the shows today, do yourselves a favour & look at as much as possible during this number. Including Charlie’s heel click towards the end!

I was doing so well at not flaking during the second act, until Charlie came along with his pre-Days speech. Hearing the emotion in his voice broke my resolve, and then Oliver & Danny came along and broke it some more for good measure… I was even on the verge of crying during the finale, which I’d even find unacceptable tonight! Thankfully I pulled it together – nothing is going to stop me from getting as much enjoyment out of every possible second.


Onwards to the Pinter for the finale to end all finales…

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