2017 mid-year update


Like last year, I think now is probably a good time to see how my theatrical exploits are going in 2017 so far! You’ll likely agree that it’s been an eventful six months all round…

As of approximately 3am (hello, midnight matinée), I’ve managed to clock in 112 different shows in six months – and with repeat visits, this total comes in at a whopping 143! For the most part, my days as a serial attender are gone, only really making a big exception for the Summer of Love (and there are three and a half months of that left).

Places to go

I’ve not made it to any of the venues I specified in January, however I’ve now been to Chichester twice and also added the Theatre Royal Bath to my regional list – and next month I return to the Bristol Old Vic (a 946 venue) for more Kneehigh fun in The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk. A thrilling London addition came a couple of weeks ago when I went to my first Regent’s Park Open Air performance!

The big news, of course, was my trip to New York. Only a handful of people knew about it, and I managed to keep it from the entire 946 cast in order to surprise them! St Ann’s Warehouse is a wonderful space (most reminiscent of West Yorkshire Playhouse, in some ways), and was definitely one of my favourite venues for the show. Partly that aspect, as well as knowing I wouldn’t be able to see the show again, contributed to me seeing it more than the planned two times while I was out there… And I also won a ticket lottery, taking me to Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater, and got to see Avenue Q one night too; no Broadway this time, but I’m sold by my Off Broadway experiences.


Shows to see

Very efficiently, I’ve managed to see all bar one of the shows I was hoping to by now (Don Juan didn’t happen, but I won’t lose sleep over that). They all lived up to my expectations, and then some!

As for what’s coming up, I’m most excited about the opening season at the Bridge Theatre; I’m going to see Young Marx this year, and have also booked a promenade ticket for Julius Caesar in 2018. I am also intrigued by Kneehigh’s new production for the end of the year, The Tin Drum, so will be booking for that as soon as I can. Until then, it’s mostly just focusing on the Globe and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. I have a lot of the Summer of Love left to go (including my first non-Sunny challenge week), and I’m intrigued by the Winter Selection – All’s Well That Ends Well, The Little Matchgirl, and The Four Seasons are all on my ‘to see’ list.


Theatrical new year’s resolutions

I’ve not done quite so well on this score… Still no opera (considering that for around my birthday, perhaps), and I’ve not returned to RADA nor entered the Book of Mormon lottery. However, I have a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon coming up at the end of this month, for Venus & Adonis (fitting in nicely with my recently neglected Puppets page) – I can’t fit another in during that trip, but the casting for Twelfth Night is definitely enticing me back… And I’ve been doing alright with feature posts, helped along by getting to attend the Olivier Awards (red carpet!) for one thing – and I have a list of posts to work on over the next six months.


And with more BroadwayWorld UK assignments, and new jobs for the Sunny lot (Ash in Much Ado, for starters), I think I’m going to be kept very busy over the next six months…

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