Globe Challenge: Shakespeare quiz

Image credit: Shakespeare’s Globe

Here we are, day one of #GlobeChallenge! And I’m feeling generous already. How would you like to win a yard ticket to one of the remaining shows on offer this season at Shakespeare’s Globe? Between now and 15 October, there is a choice of Much Ado About Nothing, King Lear, and Tristan Bernays’ “brand new ancient history play” Boudica. An interesting selection indeed!

To be in with a chance of living the groundling life for free, I have devised a Shakespeare quiz based around the plays from the Summer of Love. Time to find out if your knowledge of the Bard is up to scratch…

Edward Hogg and Kirsty Bushell
Photo credit: Robert Workman

1. When is Juliet’s birthday? Lammas Eve

2. Complete the line from Twelfth Night: “I think we do know the sweet…” Roman hand

3. Who says “God bless me from a challenge!” in Much Ado? Claudio

4. What does Lear offer as a dowry for Cordelia? Nothing

5. Who says “Women grow by men” in Romeo and Juliet? Nurse

6. What does Sir Andrew think does harm to his wit? Beef

7. What excuse does Benedick give for appearing slightly out of character in act 3 scene 2? Toothache

Nandi Bhebhe, Marc Antolin and Tony Jayawardena in Twelfth Night
Photo credit: Hugo Glendinning

8. Complete the line from King Lear: “Love, and…” be silent

9. Who informs Romeo of Juliet’s supposed death? Balthasar

10. Who says “Go shake your ears!” in Twelfth Night? Maria

11. Complete the line from Much Ado: “Lord, I could not endure a husband with…” a beard on his face

12. Who says “Out, vile jelly!” in King Lear? Cornwall

13. What is Rosaline’s relationship to Lord Capulet? Niece

Much Ado About Nothing
Photo credit: Tristram Kenton

14. How old were Viola and Sebastian when their father died? 13

15. Who does Borachio meet at Hero’s window to trick Claudio and Don Pedro? Margaret

16. What name does a disguised Edgar adopt when he escapes capture? Poor Tom

17. Complete the line from Romeo and Juliet: “A dateless bargain to…” engrossing death

18. How long was ‘Cesario’ in Orsino’s service before Sebastian’s arrival in Illyria? 3 months

19. Which two characters does Beatrice overhear talking of Benedick’s supposed love for her? Hero and Ursula

20. From where does Gloucester wish to jump to end his life? a cliff in Dover

King Lear
Photo credit: Marc Brenner

To enter, simply put your answers in the comment section (don’t worry, they will be visible to me only!) by 7pm on Sunday 27 August. Please leave your name and Twitter handle (if you have one) to help me identify you at the end of the week. In the event of a tie, I will put the names of entrants with equal scores into a hat and draw out the winner. I’ll announce who the lucky individual is in a week’s time – so keep an eye out on Monday morning!

“Good luck go with thee…”

7 thoughts on “Globe Challenge: Shakespeare quiz

  1. 1. ?
    2. Roman hand
    3. Claudio
    4. Nothing
    5. Nurse
    6. Beef
    7. Toothache
    8. Be silent
    9. ?
    10. Maria
    11. A beard
    12. ?
    13. Niece
    14. 13
    15. Margaret
    16. ?
    17. engrossing death
    18. 3 months
    19. Hero and Ursula
    20. ?


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