Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show 2018

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show Photo source: Bite-Size Plays

Not content with performing full-length play Neverwant, the hardworking Bite-Size team can also be found in the QueenDome at Pleasance Dome most mornings with a selection of short new pieces of writing. And, as an extra incentive to get out & about a bit earlier in the morning, they’ll even provide you with a breakfast of strawberries, croissants & tea/coffee! New writing and breakfast: what’s not to like?

They even have three different ‘menus’, so you could actually go on three separate occasions and get something new each time (as long as you check the dates, of course). I ended up seeing Menu 2:

  • Battlelines (Stephanie Weston) – an historical re-enactment society is due to take on the Battle of Hastings, but they’ve lost their William the Conqueror. Will they go down the traditional route to recast the role, or is it time for the society to go genderblind?
  • Home (William Knowelden) – Forager 2 has been on an accidental three-year mission around the Solar System and now they finally have a chance to go home, but this opens up an unexpected can of worms…
  • I’ve Tried it Once (Dave Simpson) – Audrey’s mild-mannered husband Godfrey has recently died. Though he seemed a straightforward enough bloke, there’s one big secret that he couldn’t quite reveal on his deathbed.
  • Trapped Language of Love (Ronan Colfer) – a man and woman sit on a bench to eat their lunchtime salads, when their romantic and melodramatic imaginations go into overdrive!
  • Put Asunder (James McLindon) – Janet is about to marry Bob, but her former lovers won’t stop turning up to try and ruin the wedding… Who will she choose?

The whole company gets involved, sharing it the workload across each set of five short plays. Obviously I can’t tell you anything about Menus 1 & 3 (other than Nathan Builds a Time Machine, which also featured in On The Night: Time & Place), but if they’re anything like this selection then you are in for a real treat. They are simply very, very funny – and the ideal way to blow off any Fringe cobwebs in the morning!

Particular favourites for me were Battlelines and Trapped Language of Love. Claira Watson Parr is brilliantly contrary as the only woman in the society, vying for the role of William the Conqueror and violently dispatching a baguette! The idea of trying to bring something like an historical re-enactment society kicking and screaming into the 21st century is rather fun. And as for Trapped Language of Love… The premise is hilarious, as the pair are seemingly unable to converse normally, but in their imaginations they can soliloquise as expressively as the most romantic poet. Rosie Edwards and Tom Hartwell are hysterically funny as the speeches get ever more expansive, and their timing is absolutely spot on.

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show Photo source: Bite-Size Plays

My verdict? The ideal way to start a day at the Fringe, with laughs & refreshments galore – a fine selection of short plays.

Rating: 5*

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show runs at Pleasance Dome (QueenDome) until 27 August 2018 (10.30am, 1 hour). Tickets are available online or from the box office.

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