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As it’s been well over a year since my last challenge week, I thought it was high time I came up with another. Obviously my previous efforts have had themes (the Globe last year, Sunny Afternoon several times before that), but I honestly couldn’t come up with a viable theme for my only free week – anything I could think of simply didn’t fit with theatre programming. So instead, as my blog celebrates its 4th birthday this week, I’ve decided the blogging itself should be the theme and focus of the week.

Usually I’d have a blog a day, recapping events and writing up the show (amongst other things), but this time I’m going to bring you more content than ever before. And herein lies the challenge…

Each day I will bring you a feature post on a random topic (I’ll be honest, these will mostly be from my list of blog ideas I’ve been adding to for some time), and in the evening there will be a post in response to what I’ve just watched. This could be a review, an interview, or a bit of rambling inspired by something that popped into my head whilst watching the show. Anything goes!

On top of this, there will be plenty of ways to get interactive via social media; keep an eye on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all the hashtags under the sun… And I would be very grateful if you did keep talking to me, as I’m actually in the middle of 11 consecutive evenings out (it began on Friday and the last show is a week tomorrow), so you may need to check that I’m still awake when I need to be. As, of course, I’ll be juggling this with a full working week.

So, what will I be getting up to this week?

The Wider Earth, Natural History Museum (Marcello Cruz and Bradley Foster) - courtesy of Mark Douet
Photo credit: Mark Douet
  • Romeo and Juliet (RSC), Barbican
  • Shakespeare’s Stages talk, Museum of London
  • Misty, Trafalgar Studios
  • Toby Thompson: For The Record, Pleasance
  • The Wider Earth, Natural History Museum
  • Wise Children, Old Vic
  • Shakespeare and Remembrance, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

A great deal of variety, I’m sure you’ll agree! Nice to get a mix of repeat visits, something topical and a dash of Shakespeare all together in one week. I’ll also be summing up the week once it’s all done and dusted, so you have plenty to be going on with for the next few days.

Follow everything using #MTBChallenge18, and wish me luck..!

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