Challenge Week 2019: Mind The Band (Queen)

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Time for something completely different! Though Mind the Blog is very much a theatre-centric site, I do try to provide a little variety when the opportunity arises – so when the idea for a slightly different challenge week came to me, I knew I had to go for it. Especially when I realised that the timing (literally the only week I could commit to it) linked in perfectly with the theme.

A year ago today I saw the film Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. Not only did I rediscover Queen’s music (and remember the multitude of facts that I’d accumulated over the years), but it also opened up a whole load of other things for me; where there was once just theatre, there’s now a whole load more. I’ve invested more time in cinema – helped by the fact that I get cheaper tickets through work – and am actually, finally, following through on going to more concerts.

So, the obvious choice for my final challenge week of the year was Queen! The miracle of my calendar means that I can start the week on 24 November (the anniversary of Freddie’s death), and end it with a trip to Nottingham to see the touring production of We Will Rock You. I’ve never seen the show before, and have a feeling that it won’t be completely my cup of tea, but this seemed like the ideal time to correct that. Got to bring that cast recording to life at some point!


Over the course of the week (24-30 November) I’ll be bringing you posts about select albums, the odd list & review, Queen in London, and (hopefully) an interview or two. Where I can I’ll try and bring it back round to theatre, plus I’ll be keeping a bit of a diary so you can keep track of any Queen-related things I get up to throughout the week.

There will obviously be things going on across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all filed nattily under #MindTheBand.

I’m really looking forward to getting this week started and talking all things Queen with you! If you have any Queen stories you’d like to share, do feel free to drop me a line at But, for now, the show must go on…

3 thoughts on “Challenge Week 2019: Mind The Band (Queen)

  1. Can’t wait to read all you have to report as I am a huge queen fan and in particular freddie and have got my 3 young grandchildren of 8,5 and 3 all singing along in the car on the way back from school.

    Best wishes


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