Challenge week 2020: Mind The Musicals

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Here’s a good reason why I didn’t want to say I was going to try and take it easy in my ‘Coming up‘ post – because I’ll be straight into my first challenge week of 2020 as soon as I return to the theatre!

#MindTheMusicals is indeed back, kicking off the new year in melodic fashion. From Saturday 4th – Friday 10th January I have a fresh batch of musicals for your consideration, and some posts to keep you occupied with each day…

No two-show days this time around, partly because I’ve got not leave left for 2019-20 (it refreshes in February!) but also because I’m actually trying to give myself time to write everything this time. That’s no guarantee it’ll get done, but at least I’m giving myself a fighting chance!

All my shows are now booked in, and are as follows:

  • Saturday: Operation Mincemeat, Southwark Playhouse
  • Sunday: Fame, Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre
  • Monday: Waitress, Adelphi Theatre
  • Tuesday: Matilda the Musical, Cambridge Theatre
  • Wednesday: Amélie, The Other Palace
  • Thursday: Once, Fairfield Halls (press night)
  • Friday: Mary Poppins, Prince Edward Theatre
Matilda the Musical
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Sensibly keeping it to London this time, which should also help in terms of getting posts published. I was tempted to head up to Leicester for West Side Story or Manchester for Gypsy, but I’m so wary about transport at this point I decided against it!

I quite liked the daily diary entry I ran with during Queen week, as it’s a guarantee of producing something for the day as much as anything. As well as that, there will definitely be reviews coming your way, plus I have a few ideas for Missed The Boat and one or two other features; Tuesday Newsday might even make an appearance! You’ll probably be pleased to hear that the film version of Cats will not be featuring at all, as I’ve never had the slightest bit of interest in the stage show, let alone some creepy cat-human CGI hybrid job on the big screen. The only thing I would consider is having a good deal to drink and then live-tweeting along – not sure that any cinemas would be thrilled about that prospect! I think I’ll just stick to stage shows for now, with the options open for some good film musicals along the way.

So buckle up, and I’ll see you back in World War Two tomorrow…


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