The Wind + The Wave: livestream 1

The Wind + The Wave 001

I’ve been lucky enough to see The Wind + The Wave (Patty Lynn & Dwight Baker) in concert three times in just under a year: twice supporting Kelly Jones on his 2019 tour and once a few weeks ago, backed by a full band, supporting Stereophonics. They run their own podcast (The Dwight & Patty Show) and at the weekend also performed their first livestream concert (complete with margaritas!), with the hope of  making this a monthly event.

As well as some personal favourites, such as From The Wreckage Build A Home and Human Beings, there were a few other treats in the form of never-before-played songs – and even a brand new one (current working titles of either The Gay Song or I Don’t Know If I’m Gay Or Not, co-written with Baker’s son, Jackson). They have developed a delightful sound that belies some of the more serious or deeply emotional songs in their repertoire; the folksy, country guitar backing Lynn’s powerful vocals (“Though she be but little, she is fierce”), and beautiful harmonies to boot.

In between podcasting and planning live streams, the pair have been working on their new album – and there are also hopes to release recordings of their performances on the Kind tour (supporting Stereophonics), as that was all captured at the time. The Wind + The Wave will also be working on an album with Phonics frontman Kelly Jones at some point, which is particularly thrilling news for me; their cover of Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks’ Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around was a real highlight on Jones’ solo tour, so I can’t wait to see what they cook up together.

The Wind + The Wave supporting Stereophonics (Nottingham Arena)

There was also time for some talk in between songs, as questions could be put to them on the live chat, and it was interesting to hear about their songwriting process (they tend to write melodies/chords first, though Lynn keeps a lyric journal), plus Baker’s tips for anyone starting out on the guitar (rather pertinent now, as there is potentially time to acquire new skills): learn other people’s songs, as getting to grips with solos & different parts will help you if you want to start constructing songs.

They’re such an engaging duo, both in performance and when they’re interacting; though they seem to be quite different characters (Lynn is something of a perfectionist & worrier, whilst Baker is more laidback if anything goes a bit wrong), it’s clear they have a strong creative bond and enjoy each other’s company – definitely a good thing considering they have to spend all that time in the “cludio” (their makeshift closet studio)! Though emotions do run high in many of their songs, Lynn will soon have another outlet for her feelings in the form of a new podcast that she’s going to produce with friend & professional counsellor Sally Rumsey, The Feelings Club.

The whole gig was an incredibly welcome distraction, and felt like a rather special event. It was particularly touching for them to end with Happiness Is Not A Place; with lyrics like “it’s the road you take, and who you choose to walk it with” and “trust me, things are going to be alright”, it’s exactly what you need to hear if things get too much and you want some musical reassurance. I’m already looking forward to their next online gig, and hopefully it won’t be too long a wait before they can get back out on the road again…

The Wind + The Wave 003 

The Dwight & Patty Show is every Tuesday and Thursday – you can become a patron of the show on Patreon. The Feelings Club podcast is coming soon.

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