Interview with Invisible Cinema Russia

Last year I was interviewed by Anastasiya Kharchishena of Invisible Cinema Russia, answering questions about theatre blogging, diversity quotas, and a certain William Shakesbear…

How did you get interested in theater? Why did you decide to blog?
I went to a few shows when I was younger (mostly school productions, with my friends in the cast, and also pantomimes put on by local communities), but I didn’t get into theatre properly until 2012. I’m a big fan of the TV show Being Human, and one of the lead actors (Damien Molony) was starring in a play at the National Theatre so I thought I’d give it a go! A few weeks later I booked a short break to London to see Tom Chambers (my favourite Strictly Come Dancing winner) in Top Hat, and kept visiting the capital regularly until I decided it would be cheaper to move there rather than waste money on hotels each month.

As for the blogging, I had a dormant science blog on WordPress and that allows you to start various blogs under one username, so I set up a non-science blog. I had seen the musical Sunny Afternoon several times so thought it would be nice to write about it, and the rest is history! I had some lovely feedback from the cast, who had found it themselves, and I continued to regularly write about the show. A network of theatre bloggers found me and I suddenly started getting invites to review shows, so I’ve been learning on the job ever since.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?
Initially it was supposed to be a blog about things I got up to in London, or stuff that I wanted to complain about, so I needed a London-related name for the blog. It comes from the announcement that plays on the Tube at each station: “Mind the gap” became ‘Mind the Blog’. It’s short and memorable — and also now makes me think of the Sex Pistols album Never Mind The B*******, and the TV programme Never Mind The Buzzcocks!

Read the full post at Invisible Cinema…

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