Challenge Week 2021: Mind The Band (Extended Play)

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Better late than never: a sneak attack challenge week! I’ve had the kernel of an idea for this week for a little while, but it’s been difficult to firm a few things up – whether it was getting a show ticket confirmed, making the final decision to book a gig ticket, or just have time to think… So it may all be a bit haphazard, but that’s hardly new.

Without further ado, welcome to #MindTheBand 2021: Extended Play! I seem to have to give them subtitles rather than be content with just adding the year, but this one wasn’t too difficult to think up because the challenge week is ever so slightly more than a week (again). Last night’s Get Up, Stand Up! press night was something of an amuse-bouche – or opening ceremony, if you’re feeling a bit more grandiose – plus it just so happens to be the 1,000th #TimsTwitterListeningParty next Thursday (after a London Literature Festival event about the tie-in book).

From today (Thursday 21 October) until next Thursday (28 October) I’ll be posting across various formats – I have to be in the office for work most days, so whether a full blog will be forthcoming every day remains to be seen, but I shall do my best.


In no particular order (and perhaps not exclusively), the artists I’ll be featuring this week will be: Roger Taylor, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Blondie, Tom Jones, Queen, Ash, Manic Street Preachers, The Killers, and Coldplay. That is a very male selection, so I’ll do my best to try and balance things up a little – though this is just reflective of much of my taste in music, so…

Post-wise, I’ll be adding to my “Discovering The Classics” series (begun last year), and possibly delving back into Queen’s discography to celebrate some more album anniversaries in “I Can Hear Music”. As I may not get a musicals week in this year, I’ve done my best to incorporate a selection of relevant theatrical treats – plus I should get the odd album review done as well.

Unlike last year, I’ve also got a real-life gig to go to! It’ll be my second of the year, following on from Damon Albarn’s brilliant night at Shakespeare’s Globe a few weeks ago – quite a bit to live up to, but I’m sure it will. As I’m out and about more, I’ll do a diary post each day, plus I think it will be fun to compile a playlist over the course of the week.

If you enjoy this week’s content, please consider donating to the GMV Crisis Fund (via the Music Venue Trust).


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