Hamlet (Lazarus Theatre)

What do you get if you remove the older generation from Hamlet? Lazarus Theatre’s new 90-minute production at Southwark Playhouse. The cast (dressed in identical jumpers & trackie bottoms) assemble in a circle and take orders from a disembodied voice (Micha Colombo), before introducing themselves and their character – to each other rather than the […]

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“Vivien fucking Leigh!” An opening statement that certainly makes its feelings clear, in Keith Merrill’s Irrelevant, now on at the Seven Dials Playhouse and starring stage & screen stalwart Debbie Chazen. It’s a 75-minute piece that charts the downfall of actor-turned-agent Millie Grable; she recounts her life story for a camera she’s set up in her […]

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Out of 2022 – Into 2023

2022 followed in 2021’s wake, in that motivation continued to be lacking. Bizarrely, I had spurts of ambition and often planned a lot of things (& even started stuff), but then I just couldn’t follow it all through – #MindTheBand and #MindTheBard are two cases in point. I got some things written but it was like […]

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Most popular posts of 2022

Unsurprisingly again, in terms of hits 2022 is now the worst year on record – I did have some bursts of motivation at certain points in the year, but at times was definitely more ambitious than I should have been. At least I did manage some challenge weeks, as well as some lengthier film-based projects […]

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2022: A few of my favourite things

I think I’m getting much better at doing a wide variety of things these days (I’m not content to just do theatre night after night after night), so I’m back with a bit of a round-up of things other than theatre again. Having become a County Championship/Royal London Cup member at Surrey – and travelled […]

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Favourite shows 2022

You didn’t think I’d share my least favourite shows of the year and just leave it at that, did you? Obviously not. As well as continuing to follow Wuthering Heights across the country, and making regular appointments with Operation Mincemeat in its two 2022 homes, I managed to see 78 different shows (repeat visits – […]

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Worst shows 2022

I hate to say it, but I’ve missed writing these. Since theatres first closed and then reopened, the standard of productions has been exceptionally high so there hasn’t been any call for a ‘worst of’ list. Though, as always, when I say ‘worst’ I really mean ‘least favourite’ – but that’s just less snappy. 2022 […]

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Death on the Pier

Since time immemorial, readers have gorged on murder mysteries – whether it’s Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventures, Dorothy L Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey detective stories, or Val McDermid’s so-called ‘Tartan Noir’, . A recent resurgence has been fuelled in part by the centenary of Agatha Christie’s first work, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and […]

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#MindTheBaubles: round-up

As usual, things have slipped behind – despite a surprisingly efficient start… After my final two shows of the inaugural #MindTheBaubles last Thursday, I’ve been supplementing the week proper with a few more films, TV programmes, and podcast episodes just to bolster the resources. And – to be fair – I’ve been trying to fit […]

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