Out of 2021 – Into 2022

I’m slightly more ahead of the game this year than last year, as this is my official follow-up to my ‘favourite things‘, favourite digital shows & favourite in-person shows posts; a round-up of 2021 and a glance ahead to 2022. The main thing dominating the blog in 2021 was motivation – or lack thereof. It’s […]

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Out of 2020 – Into 2021

I’ve ummed and ahhed over doing this sort of post, but (now the end of January is in sight) I’ve finally decided that I might as well follow up my ‘favourite things‘ post with a bit of a round-up – and some kind of look forward. One thing that I did manage was to get […]

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Jack Dawkins

If someone says¬†Oliver Twist to you, the chances are you’ll immediately think of the 1960 Lionel Bart musical¬†Oliver!, Victorian London, and the Artful Dodger. The latter is the subject of a new sequel to Oliver Twist, written by Terry Ward. In Charles Dickens’ original, Dodger (real name Jack Dawkins) remains fairly anonymous in many ways; […]

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