One Hundred Trillion

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey One Hundred Trillion is a series of four short plays, developed by The Dot Collective and inspired by workshops for those living with dementia. Explained in the bar beforehand – by our guide, a man with a cane and only a slightly crazed look in his eye – is the ethos […]

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INK Festival: Feast from the East

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Feast from the East is a series of eight short plays from INK Festival, showcasing the playwriting talent from East Anglia; they’re on the road and in London. There are a couple of heavy hitters in there too; Richard Curtis (Love Actually, most good Hugh Grant films) has penned a play […]

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Night of the Living Dead Live

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Night of the Living Dead is an instantly recognisable title; George Romero basically kick-started the zombie genre in his 1968 flick, though they were just ‘ghouls’ then, a moniker adhered to in this: Night of the Living Dead Live. Not much else is taken on board though; the location, the basic […]

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The Noises

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey The Noises is about a dog. Her name is Luna, and she lives in a fairly ordinary house with a fairly ordinary family (a grouchy Ma, a submissive Pa, a beloved Ellie Girl). However, we have not caught Luna on anything like an ordinary day. She’s been locked into a room for […]

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Lord of the Flies (2019)

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey The Lord of the Flies feels like it needs very little introduction; it’s such an iconic, oft-adapted text that when I went to see this particular performance at Greenwich Theatre, there was a gaggle of schoolchildren sitting alongside me in the theatre. Of course there were – they study it in […]

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Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane?

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane? It’s a great, intriguing title, and the strapline promises even more: to let us watch Deborah Ward and China Blue Fish leave their husbands, practice witchcraft, and destroy capitalism. Sign me up! In practice Queen Cunt is a sketch show, bouncing from the absurd to the […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Feed follows the heavily intertwined stories of a Palestinian woman; her social justice warrior, journalist partner; an obsessed hacker troll; and a YouTube makeup guru looking for a cause. It sounds like an unlikely cast of characters, but they end up whirling tightly around each other, following the ability of the […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Check-in/Check-out begins with six people sitting in a loose semi-circle. One of them stands up: “Hi, my name is Christopher, and I’m an alcoholic”. After a little light prompting, we progress around the circle, and after every admission, echo back the traditional second line: “Hi (name inserted)!”. The play progresses in […]

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