Lipstick: A Fairy Tale of Iran

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Confronting the schism in feminism between the east and west is a particularly daunting subject for many British artists – and with good reason. The complex historical and cultural backgrounds make creating poignant and sensitive entertainment challenging to say the least. Luckily, Sarah Chew – writer and director of Lipstick: A […]

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Super Duper Close Up

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Lights up on the most wonderfully hideous dress I have ever seen. Then, Jess Latowicki opens her mouth and doesn’t stop for nearly 75 minutes. Made in China’s latest piece at The Yard is a bold, harsh and beautifully realistic look at the fantastical world of existing in the digital age. […]

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Guest reviewer: Lola Claire A space littered with shoes, all sorts and sizes, neatly paired in rows. The set of Troy, at the Etcetera Theatre simply and effectively reverberates with the horrors of genocide. Collide Theatre’s production of Troy, by Dimitris Dimitriades, however is much more broadly about humanity’s love affair with violence. From fallen […]

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Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Cormac sits, swirling in an office chair and singing along to the house music as the audiences comes in. Meet your new best friend. He’s about to take you on a very intimate journey. “Bingo. B-I-N-G-“ you can guess the rest.  At first, I was afraid Alan Flanagan’s (writer and performer) […]

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Three Sisters

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Remove all the men from Chekhov’s Three Sisters, and what do the sisters actually say? Lucky for us, RashDash are here to give us an idea; a glittering, exploding, anarchic idea in their take on the Three Sisters, now playing at The Yard Theatre. This show is not to be missed, […]

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