“Their manners are more gentle-kind than of our human generation you shall find”

Well. It’s been quite a week for the theatre etiquette brigade. I’ve been meaning to write a post in this vein for some time (my original one from 2015 feels a little out-of-date now), so with everything that’s been rumbling around since Tuesday night, I thought now was the time. In case you were unaware […]

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Dry January 2017

Last year I took on Dry January for the first time, mostly triggered by some rather heavy nights out – and as I managed it (making £160 for Cancer Research in the process), I thought it was worth another go this year. As Cancer Research is quite a well-known charity, I decided this time I […]

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Kinks Drinks

Just over a year ago, Jess & I went on Sunny Afternoon’s #KinksAroundLondon tour during our #SunnyChallenge week. It was great seeing some of the places mentioned in the show, especially up in Muswell Hill (the Kinks room in the Clissold is fantastic). So we decided to revisit some of the locations, but to do […]

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End of the Dryathlon

So, I did it! A whole month without alcohol. Most of the time it actually hasn’t been too bad. Generally once I set my mind to something I will do it! There have been some moments over the course of the month when I have been tested – a couple of times sat at a […]

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Ugh. Not ANOTHER one. Dry January? A fad. I’m not normally someone who joins in with these sort of things – I don’t like to conform, I don’t go in for things just because they’re popular… I always used to do Lent, not for religious reasons (really not my area!) but as a challenge to […]

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Red ribbon

Hopefully you will be aware that today is World AIDS Day. Commemorated every year on 1 December, symbolised by the red ribbon. It is a cause that’s very close to my heart – my favourite band when I was growing up was Queen, and I really did live & breathe their music, videos & lives. […]

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A northerner dahn sahf…

Bit of a strange one, this. I was most of the way back home yesterday, when a bloke gets onto the Tube complaining that someone just shoulder barged him. Fair enough, it’s annoying when that happens (it normally happens because people waiting on the platform don’t give people enough room to get off the train, […]

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What am I going on about?

So I’ve been living in London for just over a month now. And as much as I love it, some things really wind me up! (If you know me, that won’t come as much of a surprise!) My Twitter account has been bearing the brunt of my frustrations up until now, so it’s probably time […]

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