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Here you’ll find reviews and features on theatre, concerts, albums, and anything else that’s even tenuously related. When I first started this blog I had intended on it being somewhere for me to have extended rants on the irritating things people did across London, but once I wrote my first piece (of who knows how many) about Sunny Afternoon it became apparent that there would be many more theatre posts to come…

Each year I keep track of the shows I see, as well as introduce a new page for a particular focus for the year – so far this includes Shakespeare and puppets. For 2018 I’m covering as much Emma Rice as I possibly can!

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On The Night: “We never do things easy”
Db5RKCsXcAARTeNRyan Penny (founder of Falling Pennies Theatre Company) doesn’t do things by halves. In 2016 his fledgling company had two productions running concurrently at different London fringe theatres (Beetles From The West at the Hope and Remedial Remedies at Upstairs at the Gatehouse), plus he had also taken part in the Plymouth Half Marathon during preparations for those two productions – and last year he performed in As You Like It up in Ipswich, as well as Doomed Resistance as part of the Camden Fringe, only missing one performance of the latter (writer & new associate artist Simon Godfrey stepped in on that occasion). This time round he’s bringing back On The Night in a slightly different format, split over two Mondays this month, and heading straight down to Plymouth after the second show to debut Godfrey’s new play Beyond The Grave at their fringe festival. Most of us would need a nap just thinking about all that, let alone doing it! Read more…