#MindTheMusicals 2020: Diary

I’m hoping that my output will be fairly steady as the week progresses – I have a fair few ideas, but it’s mostly motivation that I’m concerned about. So, just to be sure, I’ve decided that writing a little something up here each day is a good way to start! This should also help you […]

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Coming up in 2020…

What I’d usually do here is say I’m aiming to be sensible again, but that clearly doesn’t work – at the most it lasts about one or two months and then anything goes… So I’ll just say that I’ll think carefully about my reviewing commitments, and then everything else can sort itself out organically. What […]

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Favourite shows 2019

Whilst I didn’t see as many shows as last year, I don’t think I had quite such a good run of shows in 2018 as I have this year – so making this list was no mean feat. As usual, there were some which were ineligible for the list as I’d seen them last year; […]

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Day 3: What’s Inside

“I fell more deeply in love with the writing of the musical Waitress than I had ever imagined,” said Sara Bareilles back in 2015. “It proved impossible for me to imagine handing over the songs to the show before selfishly finding a way to sing them myself.” And so What’s Inside was born. This release […]

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Coming up in 2019…

Once again I start off with the intention of looking after myself more – it worked for a short while in 2018, but I very quickly slipped back into old habits… I have at least blocked out regular nights off for half of the year already, so fingers crossed I can stick to that. This […]

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My favourite shows of 2015

And I thought it was difficult to pick my top shows of 2014… In 2015 I’ve been to see 55 different shows – but, as you’ve probably figured, a few of those have been seen on multiple occasions! In all, I’m up to a total of 230 shows so far, and am hoping to make […]

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Kinky Boots

September saw one of the most eagerly anticipated openings of the year: the West End transfer of Kinky Boots. Opening on Broadway in 2013 and based on the film of the same name (and real events), Kinky Boots tells the story of reluctant Northampton shoe factory owner Charlie (Killian Donnelly) and how his chance encounter […]

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Step One

First preview. Sacred ground, as we discovered in the Hamlet furore. So don’t worry, I’m not going to review the very first preview of the West End transfer of Kinky Boots – other than to say I absolutely fell in love with it, and will definitely be making my way back to the Adelphi sooner […]

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